'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31: Fans vouch for votes for Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel, say '71 and still killing it'

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31: Fans vouch for votes for Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel, say '71 and still killing it'
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 couple Louis Van Amstel and Cheryl Ladd (Disney+)

American actor, singer, and author Cheryl Ladd is gaining a lot of fame in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 31. Famous for Charlie’s Angels, Ladd has now become the talk of the Disney+ dancing competition show. Her performance is one among the few that are highly praised by fans.

On September 19’s premiere episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Ladd was dressed in a small golden dress. While, Louis Van Amstel, Ladd’s professional dance partner, was dressed in a black suit. Just before the performance, the couple shared a video on social media, saying, ‘tonight’s the night’. The couple further revealed that ‘someone is going home tonight, hope it’s not us’.


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Fans can’t believe Ladd is 71 and still killing it

Ladd and Amstels’ performance certainly became one of fans’ favorite performances in the premiere episode. All that fans have to talk about on social media about the couple is how well they performed on the show. "Ok Cheryl Ladd did her thing on Dancing with the stars! I loved it, She was awesome!" said a fan. Fans further vouched for her vote, saying, "So please vote for her on Disney Plus." Another fan asked his followers to vote for Ladd saying, "Really late I need a favor Cheryl Ladd is dancing on Dancing with the Stars it would be lovely on your broadcast if you could tell all your followers to vote for her she's a worthy vote, come on man. I love you." 'Dancing with the Stars' fanatic further writes, "Idk if my followers watching dancing with the stars, but Cheryl Ladd for 71 killed it." It's shocking for the viewers to see a 71-year-old lady perform with such energy on the stage.




Many of the fans' main concerns and talk of the hour were Ladd is 71 years old and her age didn’t affect the dance performance even a bit. Even though many of the fans are skeptical about subscribing to Disney+, they are sure of who to vote for this season. A fan writes, "I want to watch Cheryl Ladd on Dancing with the Stars but I’m skeptical about subscribing to Disney+." Other fans in line asked each other, wondering whether they will go to watch Ladd live on the show. A fan commented on social media, "Hey there...will you be going to any of the Dancing With The Stars shows to support Cheryl Ladd?" Another fan posted a short clip of Ladd and Amstel performing on the stage, claiming, "she's coming hot (with fire emojis)."




There are a lot of love showers for Ladd and Amstel. In no time the couple has become fans’ favorite. Let us further wait to see whether this love will be enough for the couple to go forward in the show. Until then, tune in to Disney+ to watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 31.

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