Was ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Ladd harassed at workplace? Actress recalls the horrific incident

Was ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Ladd harassed at workplace? Actress recalls the horrific incident
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 cast Cheryl Ladd (Instagram/angelcherylladd)

SOUTH DAKOTA, US: The path to fame is not easy! Cheryl Ladd, an American actress, singer author, and also contestant of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 31 also had to go through some distressing moments while she was in the early stage of her career. Bravely coping with the #MeToo moment, Cheryl now owns a blooming career.
In Season 31, Cheryl Ladd will pair with pro-Louis Van Amstel. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will have 16 pairs, celebs, and pros. Moreover, Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro will be the host. The couples will perform rehearsed dances on the stage. As the season goes on, each couple will be eliminated. The one who survives till the end will win the title of the show.

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Was Ladd harassed at the workplace?

Ladd has faced many ups and downs in her life. And, she was also caught up in the casting couch moment. The actress revealed in an interview with Page Six that she was one of the victims of #MeToo. This happened when Ladd was just 19 years old. Back then, she had just started her career and moved to Los Angeles from South Dakota. She recalls and explains the moment, "I did get chased around our desk." However, the star did not take the name of any particular person apart from the only recognition that he was a male person. To counter his action, Ladd "ran around the desk and out the door."
Ladd confesses that running out at that moment and not suffering the harassment made her put the vibe that she is not someone to mess with. In such terrifying moments, Ladd showed braveness by acting out.

Ladd had to go through the tough time alone


Ladd’s most remembered performance is in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ as Kris Munroe. The star refers to that as the time when she had "both the best and worst moments." The best moment was that she got fame overnight with the show. However, the worst was that it was the time when she went through a divorce with her then-husband David Ladd. Back then, on one hand, she had a 2-year-old daughter to handle while on another she had a blooming career. Ladd accepts, "It was really, really difficult on so many levels." Yet she got through it. Ever since then, she has done some great films like ‘Purple Hearts’, ‘Millennium’, ‘Poison Ivy’, ‘Permanent Midnight’, and ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’, and ‘Unforgettable’.
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