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‘Shame on la grande dame!’: Fans irked after ‘RHOP’ star Karen Huger throws away perfectly good chicken

'RHOP' fans are enraged that the reality star chose to waste the food by throwing it in the trash rather than donating it to the needy at the shelters
Karen Huger in a still from 'RHOP' Season 7 (BravoTV)
Karen Huger in a still from 'RHOP' Season 7 (BravoTV)

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: Surely, ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ star Karen Huger must know better than to waste food! But Season 7’s Episode 4 proved otherwise as the grande dame threw a perfectly good chicken in the trash citing her allergies as the reason. 'RHOP' fans are enraged that the star chose to waste the food over donating it to the needy.

The outspoken Karen was recently at the center of controversy after rumors of her marriage were swirling about. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan even accused the grande dame of having a side piece. Feuds and marital drama aside, the reality star is now the center of a new controversy and this one was pretty unexpected. In Episode 4, the housewife was seen talking about being allergic to chicken, which according to Karen, is the “dirty bird.” Karen’s doctor had told her she was allergic to poultry and la grande dame took the advice with fierce seriousness.


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Karen Huger in 'RHOP' Season 7
Karen Huger in 'RHOP' Season 7 (BravoTV)

Karen is seen discussing her allergies during a conversation with her husband with her daughter Raywin Huger on a video call. Fans were quick to slam the ‘RHOP’ star about her irresponsible ways with food after she chucked unopened chicken straight out of the refrigerator into the trash basket. Many noted how she could have just donated the poultry to shelters and the needy instead of throwing it away. So do we call this “Karen” behavior now?

The agitated fans flocked to Twitter to express their disappointment in the grande dame’s behavior. One user wrote, “Karen you should be ashamed of yourself throwing away some perfectly good chicken #RHOP.”

Another noted, “Karen why would you throw good food away? You could have given the chicken to someone less fortunate!!!#RHOP.”

One fan said, “Not Karen throwing away all that chicken while us normal folks are dealing with inflation #RHOP.”

While one observed, “Food cost thru the roof and Karen throwing away perfect poultry!! Surely there’s a food pantry or a family who could have benefited. #pretentiouswithpoultry #RHOP.”

One viewer was disappointed and said, “Karen could have donated that food instead of throwing it out #rhop.” While another called Karen out, saying, “Karen throwing away that good chicken in this era of the recession???!!! Shame on la Grande Dame!! #RHOP.”

A fan slammed her, saying, “Not “ Karen, Wasting The Food Will Damnn Least Donate it Miss Grand Dame” Lol #RHOP.”









‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Season 7 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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