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Karen Huger reveals a man groped her breasts 3 years ago, 'RHOP' fans want to know whose husband it was

'Whose husband made Karen feel uncomfortable 3 years ago? It couldn’t have been Eddie or Mia’s old man cause they weren’t on the show yet. #RHOP'
UPDATED OCT 24, 2022
'RHOP' star Karen Huger revealed one of the men groped her breasts on 'RHOP' (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Karen Huger revealed one of the men groped her breasts on 'RHOP' (Bravo)

POTOMAC, WASHINGTON, DC: While Gizelle Bryant is trying her best to steal the spotlight with her storyline about her fellow 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Candiace Bassett's husband chris Bassett making her feel "uncomfortable", it was the Grand Dame of Potomac aka Karen Huger who caught everybody's attention with the allegation of being groped by a husband three years ago. 

The recently aired episode of the Bravo show featured Gizelle going over to Karen's house to give her the full rundown of what went down between Chris and her. As Karen questioned Gizelle about Chris' behavior and learned that Chris neither made a move on her or spoke inappropriately to her, the Grand Dame then made a starling revelation. The OG housewife claimed that three years ago, one of the men hugged her so tightly that she thought she was going to burst open. She compared the discomfort she felt at that time to Gizelle feeling uncomfortable with being left alone in a hotel room with Candiace's husband.


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'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant (Bravo)

Though Karen refused to reveal the details of the man who groped her, she however set the fans on a wild goose chase as they began to try guessing his identity, The housewife added that she informed her husband Ray Huger and the church pastor about the incident and the trio decided to drop the issue as they came to the conclusion that the husband was drunk at that time.

A fan tweeted, "Whose husband made karen feel uncomfortable 3 years ago? it couldn’t have been eddie or mia’s old man cause they weren’t on the show yet. #RHOP." "I was going to guess Mia’s husband, but then I was thrown when Karen said three years ago. So who do you think it is who touched Karen inappropriately?? #RHOP," wrote a fan. "Karen’s talking about who???? Cuz first I thought Gordon before she said three years ago #RHOP," commented a fan. "3 years ago who had a husband? Ashley? No, if it was sleazy Michael Karen would have said so. That leaves Candiace. Chris again? Idk. Whose husband's squeezed Karen tts? #RHOP," wondered a fan. "Now, whose husband violated Karen?? #RHOP," echoed a fan. "Omg Karen no, you are not allowed to say that and not tell who it is #rhop," commented a fan.







'RHOP' star Karne Huger (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Karne Huger (Bravo)

While most fans are busy trying to uncover the mystery man's identity, some fans however are convinced that it's Ashley Darby's husband Michael Darby, owing to his infamous reputation of being handsy and his habit of heavy drinking. A fan speculated, "Karen said 3 years ago, so that means it wasn't Mia's husband. It was most likely creepy Michael. #RHOP." "Karen refusing to say which husband made her uncomfortable when we ALL know who it was #RHOP," joked a fan. "The husband Karen was talking about was definitely Michael Darby.. #RHOP," declared a fan. "Karen is talking about Michael #RHOP," seconded a fan.





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