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Why is Karen Huger avoiding Charrisse Jordan? Feud between the OGs of 'RHOP' explained

Be it faking a 102-degree fever or a sudden bout of cough, Karen Huger ensures to find a way to swiftly remove herself from interacting with Charrisse
'RHOP' stars Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan (Bravo)
'RHOP' stars Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan (Bravo)

POTOMAC, WASHINGTON, DC: If you've been watching 'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 7, then you may have noticed the usually confident and outspoken Grand Dame of Potomac, aka Karen Huger, behaving in a rather strange manner. Whenever former housewife/ current friend of housewives Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is around, Karen suddenly excuses herself from the situation.

Be it faking a 102-degree fever or a sudden mysterious bout of coughs, Karen ensures to find a way to swiftly remove herself from interacting with her fellow OG cast member. If you found yourself wondering why Karen is going out of her way to avoid Charrisse, then we got you covered. The two ladies have a pretty long history of not seeing eye-to-eye, so read on to know all about why Karen and Charrisse's kumbaya moment might not be on the horizon anytime soon. 


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Charrisse Jackson-Jordan on 'RHOP' Season 7 (Bravo)
Charrisse Jackson-Jordan on 'RHOP' Season 7 (Bravo)

Why are 'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan fighting?

Before we get into the feud between Karen and Charrisse, it's worth noting that the latter was a full-time housewife during seasons 1 and 2, before turning into friend of housewives on season 3. Charrisse has often been referred to as the real "Grand Dame" of Potomac due to her connections with all the housewives. As Robyn Dixon put it in the premiere episode of season 7, Charrisse is the real Grand Dame as she was the one who brought all the housewives together. While Karen may be the public's Grand Dame, Charrisse continues to be the cast's Grand Dame.

Putting aside the title, Karen and Charrisse have several other burning issues between them that managed to sever the bond between these two former friends forever. It all began when Charrisse went around claiming that Karen was broke after her husband Ray Huger filed for bankruptcy. While an attack on the financial status of the housewives is a major faux pas, Charrisse went on to commit another forbidden sin when she also began circulating the rumors of Karen having an affair with an alleged Mr Blue Eyes.

During the season 2 reunion, Charrisse claimed that Blue Eyes was Karen's boyfriend and that the housewife tried setting her up with him despite knowing that he was married. "People say you have a boyfriend. Do I talk about that? Blue Eyes or whatever his name is?” Blue Eyes is reportedly Karen's driver who everybody initially thought was her bodyguard. Karen addressed these rumors in a Bravo blog post where she slammed Charrisse's allegation claiming they weren't funny and will never be funny. The OG housewife also claimed that Charrisse lied about the whole blue Eyes thing just for the shock factor and to get some attention on herself. 

'RHOP' star Karen Huger (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Karen Huger (Bravo)

But Charrisse wasn't the only one accusing Karen of having a side piece. Former housewife Monique Samuels too accused the Grand Dame of having a beau other than her husband Ray. The season 7 trailer released by the network featured Candiace Bassett too hopping onto the bandwagon in accusing Karen of seeing someone else. In the trailer, Candiace could be heard confiding in Ashley Darby that the Grand Dame was sneaking out of town with a man who isn't Ray. 

While the rumors around Karen's marriage continue to take center stage, the Hugers' seem to be pretty self-assured in their marriage of 25 years. The recently aired episode of 'RHOP' showed Karen and Ray discussing how they both are allowed to have "eye candies" outside of their marriage. Ray, however, reminded Karen that as long as it was just a candy he was fine with her checking out other men. 

In an interview with ET, Karen echoed similar sentiments about her marriage with Ray while throwing massive shade at Charrisse. The housewife said, "When you bring old dust bunnies (Charrisse) around, recycling old dust bunny news, you're going to get old news, you know?" "I don't pay attention to rumors, but I'll say this: When you bring old news around, it carries old news. We heard about this seven years ago. We gon' hear about it in the seventh season, cause old folk bring old news. Can we dust the dust bunny off and keep moving?" she added.

"For the record: the Huger Institution is alive and well," she declares. "The rumors are not true, but I am very, very grateful for the rumors. It certainly keeps me in the limelight, thank you. ... I am 5-9 [as in her age, 59], and they're giving me extra men and I got my hands full with Ray?!" Well, it looks like there's no end in sight for the ongoing cold war between Karen and Charrisse. 

'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 7 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.