BTS ARMY calls J-Hope 'Spotify King' as 8 songs cross 50 million streams

J-Hope becomes the first ever Korean solo artist to have eight songs with 50 million streams on Spotify

                            BTS ARMY calls J-Hope 'Spotify King' as 8 songs cross 50 million streams
J-Hope breaks record and becomes the first-ever solo Korean artist to cross 50 million streams on Spotify (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

BTS has been breaking records left and right as a group and the members are not far behind with their solo ventures. ARMYs are streaming monarchs that dedicatedly keep listening to all songs BTS has to offer to them. BTS has been known to keep charting non-stop from the day it releases any new song. It was reported on August 9 that up until last week, BTS was #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks straight with their album, ‘Map of the Soul:7’ while that position was taken down by none other than BTS themselves as their 2020 release 'BE' as #1 replaced it on the World Albums chart.

BTS members have been doing equally well in their solo projects. Fans take to Twitter to spread awareness about their achievements in their solo songs or albums. V (Taehyung) of BTS celebrated 150 Million streams on Spotify with his OST song, ‘Sweet Night’ while fans celebrated two years with his single, ‘Winter Bear’ by donating to multiple charities. Jin (Seokjin) of BTS also had fans celebrate three years of his song, ‘Epiphany’ from the album, ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ for crossing 140 million plus streams on Spotify.


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J-Hope Spotify King

Fans have now taken over Twitter trends to talk about the success of J-Hope (Hoseok) as an artist on Spotify. Spotify reports that he has 22,70,708 monthly listeners. He released his first album (mix-tape) 2018, which marked the beginning of his solo career. The album, ‘Hope World’ has seven songs. He then collaborated with Spanish-American singer, Becky G on his hit single, ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’, having a total of eight songs available to stream on Spotify.

On August 11, it was reported that all eight of the songs released by J-Hope had crossed 50 million streams each on Spotify. With this he has also become the first Korean solo artist to have the most number of followers on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform. J-Hope marks a new record of 6.7 million followers on Spotify becoming the #1 Korean solo artist and following K-pop group acts like EXO at number 4, Twice at number 3, Blackpink at number 2 and his K-Pop group, BTS at number 1.


J-Hope first and only!

Fans are glad to show how J-Hope has set a new high for other solo artists and they are celebrating on Twitter with the hashtags #JHopeSpotifyKing and #TheFirstAndOnlyJHope. Here is what fans have to say about J-Hope dominating the Spotify streams amongst other K-Pop solo acts. One fan says, "CONGRATULATIONS JHOPE. So proud of you, and everything you’ve accomplished." while another said, "Congratulation Jhope on surpassing 50 million streams on Spotify with hope world ! He's the first and only korean solo artist to have eight tracks over 50 million streams! OUR SUNSHINE DESERVES IT! J-HOPE RECORD BREAKER." One fan complimented his dedication saying, "Please he deserves the whole universe. His smile is the biggest comfort in the world. He dedicate his whole body and hardwork until his body is torn." and another said, "The world will always dance with the beat of your music as long as the sun rises from the east." One dedicated fan said, "JHope deserves the love and recognition he’s getting! From having no experience in rapping to getting 50M on Spotify! He’s so hardworking! WE LOVE YOU JUNG HOSEOK!!" and one more fan said, "He deserves the whole world! Give the whole entire universe to him! He is such a hardworking, always laughing angel."