BTS member V's iconic line 'I'm Good Boy' becomes internet challenge after going viral on TikTok

BTS member V's iconic line 'I'm Good Boy' becomes internet challenge after going viral on TikTok
V from BTS (Getty Images)

BTS' Kim Tae-hyung aka V is in the news once again with his iconic line "I'm Good Boy" going viral on TikTok, with commoners and celebrities taking up the new challenge and breaking the internet. 

Hundreds and thousands of videos using his audio clip are making rounds on social media, and even some of the most popular TikTok artistes are seen taking part in the new challenge. 

The BTS member is also trending on China's popular social networking sites including SNS and Weibo, with around nine million followers posting and resharing the clip of BTS BWL home performance, which aired a couple of days ago. 

Only a few days ago, V had gone viral when he was included in a video about beautiful men which clocked over 1 million likes. The majority of the comments under the video spoke about V being in it as fans couldn’t stop raving about their favorite BTS star. 

It almost seems like fans are gong over anything remotely associated with V. In other news, one of his favorite books went on to grab a spot among bestsellers in Japan when he was spotted with it at the airport. 

The book titled 'Power of Words' soon became viral in Japan when Korean journalists captured images of V carrying it with him. 

When the sales of the book skyrocketed in Japan, it was made available in the Japanese version. Overwhelmed by the response their book garnered after being spotted in the hands of the K-pop star, authors Shin Do Hyun and Yoon Naru mentioned a special note for the former at the end of their book. 

Meanwhile, V has been actively interacting with fans while in quarantine. Recently a couple of his fans asked him for song recommendations, he responded, "Ruel - Face to Face." 

Not only songs, but V has also been suggesting good restaurants to visit in South Korea. Urging fans to try one of his favorite restaurants, he wrote on Weverse, "Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant in Yangyang. The owner is super super super nice and friendly. So I really want a lot of ARMYs to give this place a try. The owner really inspired me."

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