'Family Karma': Vishal and Richa are better off as friends, say fans as they call the relationship 'weird'

There are several reasons why fans think Vishal and Richa shouldn't be together

                            'Family Karma': Vishal and Richa are better off as friends, say fans as they call the relationship 'weird'
Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana (Bravo)

Ever since fans first laid their eyes on Vishal Parvani and his long-time girlfriend/ fiancé Richa Sadana, fans have had several questions about the couple’s relationship. Although the couple claims to be madly in love with each other, fans are having a hard time believing it, especially after watching the latest episode of ‘Family Karma’.
There are several reasons why fans believe that Vishal and Richa shouldn’t end up with each other. Aside from the fact that fans think Vishal might be gay, they also didn’t like the way Richa treats him or speaks to him. Many felt that Richa is way too harsh on Vishal, and is constantly trying to change him instead of just accepting him the way he is.


A fan tweeted, “Richa is telling Vishal to be someone he is not. Either accept that he’s not going to be that tough Punjabi guy you want or let him go. #FamilyKarma.” Another fan wrote, “Tbh I am worried for Vishal and Richa..... #FamilyKarma.”

“It seems like Vishal and Richa are only getting married because they have been together so long. They don’t seem to be in love or even in like. #FamilyKarma,” said a fan.
Fans felt that Vishal and Richa are better off as friends rather than a couple. A fan commented, “This relationship just seems weird, but I don’t know. I don’t like to judge people’s relationships, but Vishal and Richa seem like they’d be better as friends. #FamilyKarma.”

On the latest episode, when Vishal asks Richa tips on how to impress her mom, she just tells him to let his “balls drop”. Richa’s tone and the way she spoke to Vishal didn’t sit too well with fans. A fan expressed, “Vishal, Richa don't like you. She talk to you terrible. You need to think about y'all relationship before you marry her. #FamilyKarma (sic).”

“If Richa is talking to Vishal like this now I wonder how it will be once they're married for years. Will she turn into her mom? #FamilyKarma,” pointed out another fan.

‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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