EXO’s Kai to star in Netflix’s new variety show 'From the New World' set to air by late 2021

EXO’s Kai to star in Netflix’s new variety show 'From the New World' set to air by late 2021
EXO's Kai joins new Netflix variety show (@weareone.exo/Instagram)

Variety shows are a valued element in the South Korean entertainment industry. Instead of just interviewing celebrities in a straightforward Q&A, variety shows make them fun. They are used as a platform for all kinds of entertainers to come and promote their projects. From comedians to actors and idols participating, variety shows do very well among the general population. And Netflix is jumping on this particular bandwagon.

It is no secret that Netflix is doing very well in South Korea. With the majority of the population subscribing to the online streaming platform and the success of original Korean content, Netflix is confident that the country could end up solely being responsible for more than 17% of the revenue. With original variety shows like ‘Busted!’ as well as acquiring network shows like ‘Knowing Bros’, Netflix is once again dipping its toes in the variety show genre starring celebrities like EXO’s Kai.

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Kai joins new Netflix variety show

Just like EXO’s Sehun, who is on the Netflix show ‘Busted!’, his group member Kai can now boast that he too has his own Netflix variety show. On July 12th, it was announced that Netflix is producing the new variety show ‘From the New World’ (working title). Having started production, the show will be set to air at the end of the year. 'The episodes have already been shot last month in Oedo, Geoje-si and Gyeongsangnam-do. The main location was the scenic island Oedo which is known for its beauty. The focus of the show is to observe the cast members on the island as they are in the dark as to where they’re heading.

Some of the regular cast members of the variety show are Lee Seung-gi, Sechskies’ Eun Ji-won, EXO’s Kai, Park Na-rae and Jo Bo-ah of the 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' fame. While Seung-gi is a singer and an actor, he has shown his entertainment chops on variety shows like 'Busted!' and 'Master in the House'. He also won an entertainment duo award with Ji-won for having worked on '1 Night 2 Days' which has raised expectations. Comedienne Park Na-rae too is a variety show expert as she has had her own Netflix stand-up special as well as participated in variety shows like 'Amazing Saturday' and 'I Live Alone'. 

The show has also received attention from EXO-Ls even though this is not Kai’s first gig after EXO’s comeback ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’. With just the youngest members left to enlist, fans were scared that Kai would soon be the next to join the military for mandatory service. However, this show is just one of his latest variety shows as he is also set to appear on shows like 'Six Sense 2' and 'Honeymoon Tavern'. Reports also claimed that he will be preparing for his second solo project set to release at the end of the year.

A fan tweeted, “Variety King Kai.” Another fan tweeted, “KIM JONGIN EVERY MORNING THINKING OF HOW MANY VARIETY SHOWS ARE LEFT IN HIS SCHEDULE I am so proud of you our baby boy!” One tweeted, “There’re still more to come. I did so much and yet there’re still more to come! You’ll get sick of watching me at this rate. I’m afraid you would want to stop seeing me on screen” — KIM JONGIN he. never. Lies.” Another tweeted, “Kai quickly becoming the variety King!! I'm living for this.”









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