SM takes down EXO Baekhyun's pre-recorded vlogs, fans say he 'did nothing wrong'

Baekhyun was uploading pre-recorded YouTube content for fans while he was in the military

                            SM takes down EXO Baekhyun's pre-recorded vlogs, fans say he 'did nothing wrong'
Baekhyun's pre-recorded vlogs taken down as he is in the military (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

Baekhyun truly is EXO’s mood maker as he even went to great lengths for fans while he was in the military. The K-pop idol pre-recorded several videos for his YouTube channel and then enlisted for his mandatory military service on his birthday. While most K-pop idols occasionally write handwritten letters for fans or wish them on holidays, Baekhyun went all out for EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom). He entrusted his label, SM Entertainment to upload one video every month on his YouTube channel. These pre-recorded vlogs ranged from him just talking and having fun to cooking and baking cakes.

Unfortunately, on November 17, fans noticed that all of the videos that had been uploaded since his enlistment had gone private. Upset EXO fans trended Baekhyun in hopes of getting an explanation. Finally, SM released a statement that has slightly pacified fans. Titled KyoongTube, the content that had been uploaded during Baekhyun’s enlistment had been taken down and no further video or vlog would be uploaded till his discharge date.

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Why were Baekhyun’s vlogs taken down?

With seven months into his military service, the EXO star had shared several fun vlogs for fans. But they have all become private with SM stating that the remaining videos will be uploaded after Baekhyun is discharged from the military in 2023. Having enlisted on May 6, 2021, he is to be discharged on February 5, 2023. In their statement, SM said, “The videos were filmed before his enlistment. It is not against the law to release videos that were filmed and produced before enlistment. However, in order to prevent unpredictable misunderstandings that differ from our original intent as above, we have decided to delete all the videos that were uploaded after his enlistment. We hope fans will understand.”

According to South Korean law, a citizen enlisted in military service cannot have another occupation at the same time and cannot earn apart from the military service. While most idols monetize their YouTube channel, Baekhyun was not earning from these particular vlogs. But misunderstandings were created by trolls and misinformed Knetizens that have pushed SM to take down the videos.

‘Here for you’

Regardless, fans are upset and have sent supportive messages to Baekhyun. One fan tweeted, “Baekhyun did nothing wrong he has pure intentions to make videos for us while he is away to keep us happy monthly.” Another fan was blunt, “There is also a reason why Baekhyun is not so active while enlisted Some ppl really don't want him to have any connections to fans anymore bc of jealousy They will misunderstand EVERYTHING bc he's so famous.” One EXO-L shared, “Thank you @B_hundred_Hyun for running so busily just to produce so many contents for us to fill ur absence we can see and rly do appreciate your efforts it’s rly such a pity that things turn out this way but please know that we are still always here for you.”




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