EXCLUSIVE | DreamNote talks about band's diverse colors in 'Dreams Alive' album

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, DreamNote talks about its hiatus, process of making the album, and hopes for future releases

                            EXCLUSIVE | DreamNote talks about band's diverse colors in 'Dreams Alive' album
DreamNote spoke to MEAWW only days away from releasing its single album 'Dreams Alive' (@iMe_Dreamnote/Twitter)

After releasing ‘Dream Wish’ in January, 2020, K-pop group, DreamNote is making a long-awaited comeback with its fourth single album ‘Dreams Alive’. The title track for the album, ‘GHOST’, was released on October 26. The title track has been loved by Pages (DreamNote fandom) and has taken the Number 1 spot in many regions.

The music video for ‘GHOST’ shows a different side of the members who have attempted a new style for the album. The group, DreamNote, is expected to gain more and more fans following the release of this album. The six members of the group got chatty with MEAWW in an exclusive interview where they talked about their album ahead of its official release and discussed their long hiatus as well as the process of having a unique concept for this new release.


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Members of DreamNote for their single-album 'Dreams Alive' (@iMe_Dreamnote/Twitter)

MEAWW: Congratulations on your comeback with ‘Dreams Alive’. Fans are really loving your Highlight Medley as well as the concept photos you have released.

All: Thank you so much!

MEAWW: Since this is your fourth single album, how was the experience working on this album and how was it different from your previous ones?

Lara: Since the concept of the title track was different from previous tracks, we had many shifts in our performances, such as singing style or stage attitudes. We paid attention to those points while working on this album.

MEAWW: Out of the tracks listed on the album, which track did you have the most fun working on?

Boni: I would say ‘GHOST’, our title track. We never tried this kind of concept before, so it was not easy, but we had so much fun working on it!


MEAWW: From the comments on your Highlight Medley released on YouTube, fans are seeing this as one of your best works so far and some said that ‘GHOST’ looks very powerful despite its cheery vibe. What would you like to tell fans about the single?

Youi: First, we tried our best to show our improved skills in this album. Every member worked very hard on dance and vocals, so please check it out! In particular, we took a lot of effort with 'GHOST'. Our global fans have been asking us what kind of concept we’d like to try. For me, the concept of 'GHOST' is what I’ve always wanted!

MEAWW: What was it like working with Chakun, the producer of VILLAINX, as well as his team on your title and b-side tracks on the album?

Eunjo: We were so happy to work with them. They gave us very detailed directions, in terms of specific rhythms and sentiments. They also made sure we were at ease and felt comfortable while recording. We thank them so much for making us a great output.


MEAWW: Which b-side song would you like to perform for your fans?

Miso: I want to perform ‘Night’! We already did perform it in our comeback showcase, but we’d like to perform it again since it is such a nice song with great choreography.

MEAWW: What was the journey like from all your previous title tracks like ‘Dream Note’, ‘Hakuna Matata’, ‘Wish’ and now to ‘GHOST’?

Boni: It may have been a long journey. We are happy to show our diverse colors through ‘Dream Note’, ‘Hakuna Matata’, ‘Wish’, and the title track of this album, ‘Ghost’. We have more colors to show. Please look forward to them!

MEAWW: How is the choreography and performance of ‘GHOST’? Were there any challenges while learning it?

Youi: We tried to express the ‘Ghost-likeness’. Unlike before, the choreography has many powerful movements, so we had some muscle pain while learning it. But our teamwork got better than before, thus we practiced comfortably.


MEAWW: Can you talk about the single, ‘Tomorrow More Than Today’? What is the message you want to give fans with this song?

Lara: We want to tell Pages that they are our strength to live one day after another! Also, we love you guys more than you love us. We thank Pages so much. Love you guys.

MEAWW: This album has a concept different from your older retro '80s concepts? How would you like to describe the concept of this album?

Sumin: The title track of this album, 'GHOST', is a song with an occult thriller theme. It is powerful as well as spooky. We tried to express a new atmosphere and new facial gestures since 'GHOST' has quite different colors from the previous tracks. In addition, there are two b-side tracks- 'Night' with bright melodies and sweet lyrics, and 'Tomorrow More Than Today', which is our first fan song.

Members of the K-pop group, DreamNote for their latest single-album, 'Dreams Alive' (@iMe_Dreamnote/Twitter)

MEAWW: Are there any concepts that you have not tried that you would like to in the future?

Miso: I want to try either a dreamlike concept or a “girl-crush” concept.

MEAWW: Fans have been curious how you spent your time during the global pandemic. Any fun TMIs?

Eunjo: I am so busy these days that it is hard to enjoy some time on my own. But I did go on a trip to Busan last April! There are several funny episodes from that trip, which you can check in the Vlog I uploaded on DreamNote’s Youtube channel. You can find the video in the [Dream Log] category!

The six members of the K-pop group, DreamNote for the solo concept photos of their latest single-album, 'Dreams Alive' (@iMe_Dreamnote/Twitter)

MEAWW: This is your official comeback after such a long time. So, what would you like to say to fans who have been waiting for their favorites for so long

Sumin: As always, we are genuinely thankful for your constant love and support. We know how difficult it is to wait such a long time for us. We would never take this for granted. We will try harder and grow up into the better DreamNote!

Watch the music video for 'Ghost' below,