Everglow 'Return of the Girl': Release date, concept and all about 'pirate' album

Here's why Everglow's title track, 'Pirate' is also trending Ateez on Twitter

                            Everglow 'Return of the Girl': Release date, concept and all about 'pirate' album
Everglow for the concept photo of 'Return of the Girl' (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)

Fans don’t have to wait anymore because Everglow’s comeback with ‘Return of the Girl’ is nearer than ever. The six-member group was earlier in the news for changing their leaders two years after their debut. While E:U was the leader previously, the position has been transferred to the lead vocalist and face of the group, Sihyeon. Their last comeback was in May with the single album ‘Last Melody’ and fans had been eagerly waiting for a proper album.

Well, it was announced that Everglow would be coming back with their third mini-album ‘Return of the Girl’ next month. They had released their last mini-album ‘-77.82X-78.29’ back in September 2020. Following which they dropped their third single album ‘Last Melody’ which was their best-selling work till now. The single album got them their highest sales with 52k copies and became their highest-charting single album as it ranked #4 on Gaon Album Chart. All of the album tracks entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart making them the first K-pop girl group to do so in 2021. And so, expectations are high for ‘Return of the Girl’.

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Everglow in the concept photos (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)

Release date

Everglow’s ‘Return of the Girl’ will be released on December 1 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

Where to listen

Their third mini-album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Everglow in the concept photos (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)


1. ‘Back Together’
2. ‘Pirate’ - Title track
3. ‘Don't Speak’
4. ‘Nighty Night’
5. ‘Company’

Everglow in the concept photos (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)


Everglow released three sets of concept photos. In the first one, they’re in all-black, tech-wear against a space backdrop. In the second concept photo, they continue with the sci-fi theme as they’re dressed in glamorous blinged up outfits. In the individual concept photos, Everglow channels their inner punk rock with grand outfits in a spaceship.

Everglow in the individual video teasers (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)

Music video teasers

The girls released a visual concept trailer and individual video teasers. They also dropped a music video teaser on November 24 and will release a choreography preview on November 28. Like the title track ‘Pirate’, the girls are going for a techno-pirate concept with sci-fi elements as they are wanted hackers and space pirates in the video teasers. In the music video teaser, the girls get ready to fight while trap instrumentals play in the background.

Watch the visual concept trailer below.


Watch the music video teaser of 'Pirate' below.


'Iconic era'

Excited fans trended ‘Return of the Girl’ as they hyped the comeback. One For Ever shared, “It's time to say definitely godbye to FIRST era because another Everglow iconic era is coming.” Another fan commented, “EVERGLOW ARE LITERALLY F*CKING WARRIORS.” Another was impressed with the scale of this comeback, “Well goddamn yuehua.” One fan tweeted, “Everglow is really THAT group.”






Some K-pop fans also found parallels between Everglow and Ateez’s pirate concept. Some Atinys were upset as they said, “It's just unfair that atz got hate bc of the pirate concept while ur group is getting praises, and the fact that you're not acknowledging how atz owned that concept makes it even worse y'all are acting like "everything is okay, unless it's atz", and its so annoying.” However, For Evers pointed out how different the concepts were with posts like, “PIRATE BY ATEEZ  AND PIRATE BY EVERGLOW,” and “Watch atinys after the Everglow's mv, when they find out that the word "pirate" is actually about the hacked system..” Other multi-fans hoped that they would get a collab, “Everglow having a track called pirate, ateez having a track with pirate = EVERTEEZ COLLAB STAGE.”






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