GHOST9 'Now: Who We Are Facing': Release date and all you need to know about comeback

The rookie group is set to make a comeback, but this time as a seven-member group after the departure of two members in September 2021

                            GHOST9 'Now: Who We Are Facing': Release date and all you need to know about comeback
The K-pop group GHOST9 will make a comeback with their fifth mini-album in November 2021 as a seven-member group (@maroo_ent/Instagram)

The rookie group GHOST9 made their debut as a nine-member group with Maroo Entertainment who had reported in August 2020 that they had finished preparations for the debut of their new boy group in September. The agency also confirmed that the group would have nine members. GHOST9 made their debut in September 2020 with their debut mini-album titled, ‘Pre Episode 1: Door’ and then followed it with another mini-album, ‘Pre Episode 2: W.all’ that was released in the same year, on December 10. The two albums were released less than two months apart.

Moving forward from the ‘Pre Episode’ era, GHOST9 moved onto the ‘Now’ era with two back-to-back releases in the year 2021 with a third one on its way. GHOST9 released the first album from their ‘Now’ series titled, ‘Now: Where We Are, Here’ in March of 2021, and then again within four months, the group came back with their mini-album, ‘Now: When We Are In Love’ in June of 2021.

Following the release of that album, two members of the group namely Hwang Dong Jun and Lee Tae Seung departed from the group in September 2021. They left without disclosing any specific reason. The official statement on their departure was that both members wanted to pursue their future career paths on their own, making the group a seven-member act. On November 9, Maroo Entertainment announced that GHOST9 would make their first comeback as a seven member group with their fifth mini-album, ‘Now: Who We Are Facing.’


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Release Date

The fifth mini-album from GHOST9 titled, ‘Now: Who We Are Facing’ will be released on November 25 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to Listen

The mini-album ‘Now: Who We Are Facing’ from GHOST9 will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn among others.



1. ‘Milestone (Intro)’
2. ‘Control’ [Title track]
3. ‘Triangle’
4. ‘Love Language’
5. ‘Dreaming’
6. ‘Cosmos’

The new album by GHOST9 talks about the members’ special encounters and precious moments that are filled with youthful emotions like intense attraction and passion. This album will be their breakout album as the young boys who debuted in 2020 are now young men. The title song ‘Control’ uses a metaphor talking to the listener as if the members are conducting, controlling, and telling the listeners to leave their fears, sorrows, and regrets from their hearts for a while and become one with the members of GHOST9.

GHOST9 release the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, 'Now: Who We Are Facing' (@GHOST9OFFICIAL/Twitter)


The seven members of the group appeared in three different concept photos for the album. The first concept photo was released on November 12 with all members dressed in all white looking like astronauts from outer space while standing in front of a white background, as white symbolizes peace and purity, the boys appear calm and composed.


The second concept photo was released on November 15 where all seven members were dressed in colorful casual outfits resembling pop stars of the present time with helmets, bucket hats, and more trendy accessories to style them. The third teaser saw the boys dressed in a white blazer and black pants while they were in a dark location with neon lights illuminating their features.



From the teaser that was released from the group for their upcoming comeback, the now, seven-member shook the hearts of the fans by radiating intense charisma. The current line-up of GHOST9 includes members Son Jun-hyung, Lee Shin, Choi Jun-seong, Lee Kang-seong, Prince, Lee Woo-jin, and Lee Jin-woo who released their teaser for the title track ‘Control’ from their fifth mini-album, ‘Now: Who We Are Facing.’ The teaser started with GHOST9 members running away after being chased by someone late at night. Soon afterward, the members were all trapped in a mysterious space with the lyrics “So want you be mine.” with all the members breaking into a dance performance.

Watch the teaser below:


Music Video

GHOST9 will release the music video for their title track, ‘Control’ on November 25 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET) with their fifth mini-album titled, ‘Now: Who We Are Facing.’ Watch this space.

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