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Everglow's Aisha thanks fans as accusers apologize for fake school bullying rumors

The two accusers finally revealed the truth that they had spread false information
Aisha was embroiled in a bullying scandal (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)
Aisha was embroiled in a bullying scandal (@EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter)

Looks like the false bullying rumors that cropped up against K-pop idols in early 2021 is finally being settled. Earlier this year, a lot of trolls and antis started targeting K-pop idols with rumors about them being bullies. Since hazing and school bullying in South Korea is severely extreme and violent compared to other countries, the general public takes it seriously and immediately turn their backs on the accused on the slightest of rumors. We had idols like Itzy's Lia, Monsta X's Kihyun and Everglow’s Aisha being targeted.

While a lot of the cases were immediately cleared up as most of them were false, some have taken time. Last week, Apink Chorong’s law firm team reported that they had forwarded the accuser to prosecution and there is yet to be any update on APRIL’s case. However, we finally have news on Everglow Aisha’s case. In February 2021, an anonymous accuser claimed that Aisha had made sexual comments about her classmates and harassed them physically. Everglow’s label, Yuehua Entertainment immediately released a statement.

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Aisha’s accusers apologize for fake rumors

A day later, the label stated that Aisha herself had confirmed that the accusations were false and did not even know the victim who had made the claims. Yuehua stated that they would be taking legal actions against all those who were spreading false rumors. And on December 7, we have an update on the case. The label had launched a case against two accusers who posted false information and claimed that they had been bullied by the Everglow member. The two individuals finally revealed the truth that they had spread false information.

The accusers submitted apology letters to the Everglow star and were sorry for the psychological damage they had caused to Aisha and her family. They also apologized for ruining her reputation and promised not to spread fake rumors in the future. Yuehua explained that they and Aisha had accepted the letters and had dropped the charges against the two and would not punish them. However, the label explained that would continue to monitor trolls and take immediate action against any such rumors in the future.


Aisha writes a letter to fans

Aisha herself had mostly withdrawn from the public eye and barely participated in Everglow’s activities. She finally wrote a letter to her fans and thanked them, “Thank you...for waiting for me, thank you for always believing in me and supporting me.” She ended her letter by sharing that she would like to return her fans’ love by being more active and engaging with them every day and would try not to let them down. Recently, Everglow came back with their third mini-album ‘Return of the Girl’ and promotions for it is ongoing.