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APRIL's Chaewon, Jinsol go live with fans after Hyunjoo’s bullying allegations

In early 2021, the general public turned their backs on APRIL after a former member claimed she was bullied by the K-pop girl group
APRIL's Chaewon and Jinsol go live (@chaeni_0824, @truesol__0824/Instagram)
APRIL's Chaewon and Jinsol go live (@chaeni_0824, @truesol__0824/Instagram)

Fans have been wondering what happened to APRIL after a former member, Lee Hyunjoo claimed that she had been bullied by the members. In early 2021, both Hyunjoo and the group’s label, DSP Media tried to sue each other. APRIL even went as far as to have an interview where they tried to clear things up and deny the rumors. However, the industry turned their backs on them with the girls also losing their individual gigs. Chaewon was the one initially targeted by Hyunjoo and ended up going on a hiatus. However, she’s back along with Jinsol.

After Chaewon’s mother spoke up and brought in the staff as witnesses, fans found some loopholes in Hyunjoo’s claims. While the matter hasn’t fully cleared up, many are once again supporting Chaewon and APRIL. Following the change in public opinion, she came back on her YouTube channel where she used to upload song covers. Her last song cover before the allegations had more dislikes than likes and were filled with hate comments. But her latest videos have been full of supportive messages. On November 15, she went live with the maknae (youngest), Jinsol for almost an hour. 

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Chaewon and Jinsol go live (Honey/YouTube)

Chaewon and Jinsol go live

Chaewon and Jinsol both decided to tell fans what they have been up to. Jinsol shared that she had been practicing and working on her singing. Fans also noticed that she had lost weight to which she said that it was baby weight and now she was working out. Chaewon explained that she too was eating well and doing fine. She also shared that the other APRIL members were great. She added that they were getting a good rest and said that she knew fans missed them. They said that APRIL missed the fans too. Fans are worried since the group only has till 2022 before their contract with their label expires.

Watch the whole live below.


'April best girls'

Happy fans made tweets like, “So happy we finally got to see their precious smiles again.” Another commented, “Damn, Chaewon and Jinsol YT live was soo fun. and heartwarming. it was soo nice to finally see the girls doing fine and hearing that the rest of the April members are also together and okay. I really wish that they comeback soon, but more than that wish only happiness for them :).” One added, “Thank you chaewon and jinsol Always with you guys April best girls.” Another fan said, “I'm so happy to see you all I look forward to the day when I can see you all together!!” One fan posted, "Aww I miss them & all the girls we’ll be waiting come back when you’re ready."