'Eternals': In which scene does hit BTS song 'Friends' play in Marvel flick?

'Eternals': In which scene does hit BTS song 'Friends' play in Marvel flick?
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BTS in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It did happen and ARMY is in a tizzy. 'Eternals' officially welcomes the world-famous K-pop band in the MCU and does so in style. Well, at least Kumail Nanjiani does. For those who have watched the movie, and especially for the fans of the band, you'll know when the song plays, but if you don't, we'll have to spoil things by telling you which scene you can hear the track in.

One of the sequences sees Bollywood star Kingo, brilliantly portrayed by Kumail Nanjiani, shooting his latest flick with some dancers showing off some groovy moves. A couple of his "friends from college"—translated to the Eternals—show up and tell him he needs to drop whatever he is up to immediately and go with the team. Kingo protests and says that BTS was supposed to show up the following day, which leads to a jump to the next scene, where we hear BTS' "Friends," produced by Jimin, playing in the background.


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There, that's pretty much the BTS in the MCU. It is relatively short, quick, and crisp. But it does make for a great piece of news for BTS fans and for the band itself that has simply tasted success with every song. As far as music and MCU goes, the 'Eternals' also sees the entrance of Eros/Starfox, played by English musician, Harry Styles. He appears in the mid-credit scene offering to help find Sersi (Gemma Chan) and the other Eternals who disobeyed Arishem the Celestial and killed Tiamut, the next Celestial to be born.

‘Friends’ is a 2020 track released in BTS’ fourth Korean studio album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’. The album consists of several solo and duet songs. There have been requests by ARMY to feature the BTS in a cameo in the MCU movies. So only time will tell if there are canon or this will just be one of those pleasant surprises.

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