'Eternal Sunshine': Ateez to drop music video days after 'Deja Vu' promotions end

After ‘Deja Vu’ promotions ended this week, Ateez announced on October 1 that they would drop the music video for ‘Eternal Sunshine’

                            'Eternal Sunshine': Ateez to drop music video days after 'Deja Vu' promotions end
Ateez to drop 'Eternal Sunshine' music video (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Looks like fan predictions weren’t too far off. When Ateez brought back the title track voting tradition once more for ‘Fever Part 3’, new Atinys wondered what would happen to the potential title track that would not be selected. Fans had to choose between the dark and sultry ‘Deja Vu’ and the cheerful ‘Eternal Sunshine’ with ‘Deja Vu’ winning. But those who have been with Ateez since their ‘Wave’/’Illusion’ era know that Atinys are one of the most spoiled fandoms ever. 

From providing English subtitles for international fans from their rookie days to getting fans involved in their album-making process, Ateez goes all out for their fans. So for those who loved ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and voted for it, it is now their time to shine. After the ‘Deja Vu’ promotions ended this week, the K-pop group announced on October 1 that they would drop the music video for ‘Eternal Sunshine’.


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‘Eternal Sunshine’ music video to be released

The ‘Eternal Sunshine’ music video will be released on October 4 at 12 am KST (October 3 at 11 am ET) on their label, KQ Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Additionally, like the previous double title track albums, Ateez will also be promoting ‘Eternal Sunshine’. This means more music show stages, wins, variety shows and interviews. The boys had already dropped a teaser for the music video before the album release. It seems like it will be bright and vibrant with dark undertones since the group is notorious for weaving their parallel universe storyline in all of their comebacks. 

Watch the teaser below:


‘It’s our time to shine’

Fans are excited as they were not ready to let go of the ‘Fever Part 3’ era that has been a smashing hit since Day 1. They trended #Eternal_Sunshine with tweets like, “CANT WAIT eternal sunshine enthusiasts it’s our time to shine!!” “Our ETERNAL SUNSHINE is coming!! ATINY, let's be ready!” and “When your keyboard's predictive text knows you're probably going to be talking about ATEEZ.” Detectivetinys wondered, “Everyone's looking at the camera, where is hongjoong looking at?” 





Atinys also gushed over the visuals with posts like, “This San in 3 days... im not ready,” “Imma just drop these deja vu seonghwa here before eternal sunshine driving me crazy as hell…” and “Patiently waiting for colorful pastel soft!yunho in eternal sunshine.” One added, “Eternal sunshine by ateez but every time hongjoong says "boy i can't let you go" i lose a year off my lifespan.” With Yeosang getting buff this era, fans are also excited for the new stages, “Have yall forgot that this is eternal sunshine outfit... YES KANG YEOSANG GIVE US EVERYTHING.” Another commented, “We’re getting eternal sunshine mingi soon!!!” One added, “More hair-down wooyoung for eternal sunshine pls.” “Eternal sunshine jongho u have a very special place in my heart JUST LOOK HOW ADORABLE HE IS WITH THAT FLUFFY HAIR,” tweeted an Atiny.









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