Ateez gets its first music show win for 'Deja Vu', Atinys flex they're 'unstoppable'

Ateez win against big K-pop acts like Blackpink's Lisa, Wonho, Lee Hi and monster rookies STAYC

                            Ateez gets its first music show win for 'Deja Vu', Atinys flex they're 'unstoppable'
Ateez gets their first music show win for 'Deja Vu' (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ateez just got their first music show win for ‘Deja Vu’ and they and Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) can’t stop celebrating. Music shows are a platform for K-pop artists to perform their newly released songs and is broadcast throughout the country. Good-natured competition is fostered as certain criteria like sales and digital points are tallied by the music shows and those with the highest score win that week. 

Ateez released their latest EP ‘Fever Part 3’ on September 13 and have since been promoting it on music shows. They were nominated along with Blackpink’s Lisa, STAYC, Wonho and Lee Hi on the music show ‘Show Champion’ on September 22. Along with Lisa, Wonho and Lee Hi being veteran idols, STAYC has been dubbed as monster rookies for being on a winning streak for their latest album ‘Stereotype’. This made the competition that much fiercer as no one could predict who would win.

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Ateez gets their first music show win for ‘Deja Vu’

MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ host Kangmin of Verivery announced at the end of the episode that Ateez had won. This marks their first win for the ‘Deja Vu’ era and sixth win in total. Ateez got their first music show win in 2019 for the summer bop ‘Wave’. They got two wins for ‘Wave’, two wins for ‘Inception’ in 2020 and one win for ‘Fireworks’. This makes the ‘Deja Vu’ win even more special since it is part of their 8th album and is the first OT8 win of the year with Mingi being present. The group has 8 members and their slogan is ‘8 Makes 1 Team’.

Not only that, the win follows Billboard’s announcement of Ateez entering seven of their charts including the popular albums chart -- Billboard 200. Excited Atinys trended several hashtags like #DejaVu1stWin, #ATEEZ6thWin ‘Ateez Won’ and ‘Congrats Ateez’. They loved the encore stage as ‘Deja Vu’ has an epic instrumental and the boys singing live without any backing vocals impressed Atinys as they said this further proved they deserved this win.

'Look how happy they are'

Atinys made tweets like, “This being the best encore stage ive ever heard,” “When we’re together, we make the dreams come true,” and “Congrats ateez first deja visit win!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ATEEZ Atiny look how happy they are.” “What's more meaningful ? ateez get their first ot8 win in 2021 with their 8th album,” said one fan. Atinys were also happy that Mingi could be present as he had been on a hiatus since last year as they made posts like, “Mingi giving his first win speech ft. san copying him from behind ㅋㅋㅋ MG: it’s my first time giving a speech so i’m very nervous but [laughs] we’ll really work harder in the future! i love you atiny, ateez!” One fan was impressed that Ateez won against such big names, “ATEEZ WON AGAINST ONE OF THE BIGGEST IDOLS FROM THE BIG 3 I TOLD YOU ALL WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE ATINY!!!”









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