Ateez gives Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's 'Stay' a Korean rock twist in cover song

The boy band appeared on an episode of ‘You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ where they also covered the hit English single ‘Stay’

                            Ateez gives Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's 'Stay' a Korean rock twist in cover song
Ateez cover Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's 'Stay' with Korean rap and add a rock version to its chorus (KBS Kpop/YouTube)

K-pop group Ateez is on its way to becoming one of the most loved fourth-generation K-pop groups with the way they interact with contemporary artists, other fandoms as well as their own fans, Atinys. With the release of their new album ‘Zero: Fever Part 3’ on September 13, Ateez sold about 600,000 copies as of midnight of September 17, breaking their own record from the past.

Apart from their record-breaking sales and powerful performances, Ateez is also known for their amazing vocals as they are led by one of the strongest vocalists in the industry, Jongho.


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Ateez members, Hongjoong, San, Seonghwa and Yunho performing 'Stay' by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber (KBS Kpop/YouTube)

Ateez covers English songs

Ateez has also been great performers of songs by other artists. Known to be a huge fan of BTS, Ateez has presented many covers of songs by the boy band and has also engaged in covering popular English tracks. Their most recent cover was them singing ‘Leave The Door Open’ by American super-duo Silk Sonic, consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. 

With a new performance, Ateez has garnered more attention to themselves. On September 17, Ateez appeared on the 588th episode of KBS 2 TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ - a South Korean music program that combines talk show and live music performances. The host of the show, Yoo Heeyeol, is also known for his one-man band, Toy. The program first aired in 2009 and has been going strong ever since.

Ateez members, Jongho, Mingi, Wooyoung and Yeosang performing 'Stay' by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber (KBS Kpop/YouTube)

Ateez Covers ‘Stay’

The first performance from Ateez was them performing a special sensual stage of their new song, ‘Deja Vu’, as they said they had always wanted to appear on the show ever since their debut. Before the end of the event, Ateez performed a cover song of Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s song ‘Stay’.

One of the most popular songs at the moment - it has got a lot of millennials hooked and that continues the global craze by taking the top spot on domestic music charts as well as on Billboard. With the cover, Ateez members changed the chorus into a rock-style arrangement and the rap section in Korean - Hongjoong and Mingi spit the stanza sung by Justin Bieber in the original version.

This performance has got fans of Ateez and the original song hooked.

Members of Ateez give a rock style arrangement to the song 'Stay' and add Korean rap to it (KBS Kpop/YouTube)

Watch the performance here,


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