Did Ateez tease 'Eternal Sunshine'? Band ends 'Deja Vu' promotion thanking Atinys

While Ateez ended the activities of 'Deja Vu', the band seemed to ask fans to gear up for 'Eternal Sunshine'

                            Did Ateez tease 'Eternal Sunshine'? Band ends 'Deja Vu' promotion thanking Atinys
Members of Ateez bid farewell to 'Deja Vu' as they ask fans to gear up for 'Eternal Sunshine' activities (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ateez has been managing the double title-track concept well. In order to ensure that fans get more content than they could ask for, Ateez has been releasing double title-track albums. With 'Zero: Fever Part 2', Ateez released 'Inception' and 'Thanxx' as the two title tracks. After online voting from fans, 'Inception' took the winner's spot and Ateez promoted the song well at various music shows and on multiple comeback stages. 

Soon after the end of promotions for 'Inception', Ateez started performing 'Thanxx', surprising fans. With the release of  'Zero: Fever Part 3', a similar concept of fan voting for the best title track was put forth. Fans have now started speculating that this album too, will see a similar fate as Ateez's last. This time around as well, fans were asked to pick between 'Deja Vu' and 'Eternal Sunshine'. 'Deja Vu' won the battle and Ateez promoted the song with beautiful performances that went on for almost a month since the song's release on September 13.


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Ateez end 'Deja Vu' activities

On September 29, Ateez appeared on MBC's music show 'Show! Champion' as they performed 'Deja Vu' one last time as part of the first half of their comeback activities for 'Zero: Fever Part 3'. At the show, the members of Ateez were seen wearing their costumes from the original music video for 'Deja Vu' which made it seem like they had just popped out of the concept photo.

The song 'Deja Vu' has been catching the attention of many fans who pointed out that the choreography was a mix of bits from other performances by Ateez while the song got rather popular worldwide for one of its moves that resembled the Japanese 'Crab Dance'. The performance, in reality, showed Ateez's overall sexy concept as the boys performed the song one last time, full of passion.

Watch the last 'Deja Vu' music show performance here,


Ateez thanks Atinys

After the performance, Ateez took to Twitter to thank fans who have been dedicated to Ateez for three weeks straight with 'Deja Vu' as the band announced that they were putting an end to all activities for the song. Talking about the interaction they had with fans, the boys said that performing the song felt like a dream with Atinys always supporting them. They went on to thank fans for their support and dedication over the past month.

Members of Ateez also hinted at the release of something new, and fans sure believe it is time for 'Eternal Sunshine' to make an appearance. Ateez said, "Let's get ready to run more," hinting at a fun and lively release — a description that 'Eternal Sunshine' fits into.


Fans are ready for 'Eternal Sunshine'

As fans bid adieu to 'Deja Vu' they spoke highly of the song and of Ateez and also welcomed 'Eternal Sunshine' with open arms. One fan said, "Thank you so much for your hard work! This promotion was so amazing! I will miss Deja vu era I love you all with all my heart." Another fan said, "My VERY first @ATEEZofficial comeback as an ATINY and i can say it was amazing! Im glad im in the supportive fandom, the kindest and lovely ATEEZ, and we achieved a lot from this cb. Thank you #Deja_Vu ATEEZ x ATINY makes me so proud and lets continue the journey for ES next!"

One fan said, "Deja vu promotions are over :(( this era was so beautiful. both ateez & the staff have worked so hard so let’s make sure to appreciate them more! thank you @ATEEZofficial I’m so proud of you." Another fan said, "I will miss deja vu thank you for your hard work ATEEZ." One more fan said, "We loved your all stage's alot. Thank you for always working hard We're so proud of you. Stay happy & healthy. We'll always support you. Take care guy's. We love you." One fan said, "You guys have worked hard for this comeback. Even though the deja vu promotion has ended, I hope you guys continue to stream the deja vu mv, guys. Thank you ATEEZ & ATINY. THANK YOU DEJA VU WELCOME ETERNAL SUNSHINE."







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