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'Encanto' Review: A magical, musical and heart-warming ode to family

Mirabel must save the magic of the Madrigal family before its too late in Disney's newest musical animation
A still from 'Encanto' (Disney+)
A still from 'Encanto' (Disney+)

Disney Plus just released 'Encanto' and it is absolutely beautiful. The Disney movie is a musical, comedy that is has looked promising ever since we saw the trailer. The movie stars actors like Stephanie Beatriz, Diane Guerrero, Wilmer Valderrama, and more who have lent their voices to the Columbian characters.

'Encanto' will see the Madrigal family who hail from a small place named Encanto be blessed with a magical candle that lends power to their house and each of the family members who get unique gifts. Only one of the family members, Mirabel does not receive any powers for unknown reasons. But when the Madrigals are in danger of losing the magic with the flame of the candle about to go out it will be up to Mirable to save them all. Read on to know our thoughts on Disney's newest offering.


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The movie begins as we are shown the source and the beginning of where the magic from the candle started and although it may have been forlorn the flick immediately jumps into a more lively scene. We meet the Madrigals whose superpowers range from healing with a meal, to having super strength and the family is definitely blessed, with only Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) being the exception. What unfolds is a journey of discovery and family.

A still from 'Encanto' (Disney+)

'Encanto' is vibrant and utterly colorful with scenic scenes depicting the gorgeous village that will leave you mesmerized. Lin-Manuel Miranda who has done the music for the movie makes it shine evermore as the characters sing out their feelings. From the fun lyrics paired with the character's actions, the musical will have you bobbing your head and smiling the whole time. The movie which revolves around a Latin family had stunningly brought to life the culture, right from showcasing the delicacies to casting Latino actors to voice the characters. Although revolving around magic and the quest to save it from diminishing, the Disney movie is all about a family which is the foundation. From misunderstandings, jealousy, petty fights to always being there for each other despite it all the warming familial aspect is at the heart of the movie and will leave you touched.

A still from 'Encanto' (Disney)

With stunning animation, a sweet story, fun, comical characters, and lovely music that brings to life emotions Disney has a winner at its hands. The cast does an amazing job wonderfully expressing the functional yet dysfunctional family and brings each one's personality to the forefront. Our suggestion- get together the tots and your family and watch this heartwarming movie together. 'Encanto' can be enjoyed by all ages and is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good Disney movie!

'Encanto' is available for streaming on Disney+.