Did Ed Sheeran call VMAs horrible? Brit singer finds US award shows full of ‘hatred’

Did Ed Sheeran call VMAs horrible? Brit singer finds US award shows full of ‘hatred’
Ed Sheeran at 2021 MTV VMAs (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran, who was most recently spotted at MTV Video Music Awards, seems to be a bit uncomfortable at US award ceremonies. Well, the singer confessed the same after he appeared on Audacy’s 'The Julia Show'. The ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker had also performed at the coveted award show held at Barclays Center, New York on Sunday, September 12.

The British crooner did not shy away from calling the ceremonies "horrible" which often leave him feeling sad and deflated. His statement comes a few days after he said that he wanted something controversial as award ceremonies were getting boring now. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter had performed his latest release ‘Shivers’ at MTV VMAs 2021. The versatile crooner was up for four trophies -- Video of the Year, Best Art Direction, Best Choreography, and Song of the Summer, but failed to win any.

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 ‘It's quite an uncomfortable atmosphere’

Speaking on The Julia Show, Sheeran said, “The room is filled with resentment and hatred towards everyone else and it's quite an uncomfortable atmosphere.” 

The multiple-award-winning crooner added, “It's just lots of people wanting other people to fail and I don't like that." He further shared, “All the artists are sweet people, but they're surrounded by entourages that want them to win too, so it's one artist surrounded by ten people and another artist surrounded by ten people and everyone is kind of giving each other the side-eye.”

Ed Sheeran then compared the US award ceremonies with the ones in the UK, saying that they were less competitive. “In England, our award shows are just like, everyone gets drunk and no one really cares who wins or loses, it's just sort of a good night out." Sheeran has won several awards in his elongated career and some of his major wins include six Brit Awards, four Grammys, and two MTV Awards.  Well, he is definitely not the first one to spark a debate after making a controversial statement on award ceremonies. The Weeknd and Zayn Malik had recently slammed Grammys and rap icons like Snoop Dogg and Kanye West have done the same in the past.


‘If he won all his nominations, he wouldn’t have said that’

Social media users logged into Twitter to discuss Ed Sheeran’s latest controversial remarks. Speaking on similar lines, one said, “He might’ve made a really good point here. I honestly don’t understand how some people just thrive off of wanting to see others fail short and make fun of their flaws and shortcomings. It’s honestly so miserable and sad.” Whereas, another posted, “Cause they know it’s gonna be rigged for him to win!”
The next one posted, “Well, dont go, you are filling a space that any artist would d for being there, and also may do sum more interesting than just sing w a guitar.” Meanwhile, another claimed, “If he won all his nominations he wouldn’t have said that.” And, one user tweeted, “You guys are so hateful. Had a female artist said this you would have been praising it.” Another individual slammed the singer with sarcasm, “SO DON'T SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC. that's the only way you're not robbing anyone.” While another concluded, “Wake me the day he makes something relevant.”















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