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Is Ed Sheeran collaborating with BTS again? ARMY trolls singer for giving away spoilers

While interacting with his fans on Instagram via stories, the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker dropped a few subtle hints on his new project with BTS
UPDATED JUN 29, 2021
BTS and Ed Sheeran have another collaboration after 2019 'Make it Right' (Photos by Dia Dipasupil/Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
BTS and Ed Sheeran have another collaboration after 2019 'Make it Right' (Photos by Dia Dipasupil/Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Looks like Ed Sheeran and BTS can’t get enough of each other as after dropping the collaborative mega-hit ‘Make It Right’ in 2019, they are coming up with a future superhit project. The fans will now get to enjoy another track by BTS which has been penned by the British crooner. A new single, ‘Permission to Dance’ by BTS will be released as a part of 'Butter' CD version and Ed Sheeran is a part of it. 

Spilling a few details on the same to radio station Most Requested Live, Ed Sheeran had recently confirmed that indeed he was again joining hands with BTS, however, it was not clear of what project he was talking about. But to spice up things, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter took to his Instagram stories and dropped a few spoilers sending the ARMY into a tizzy. While a majority of the fans got excited many also made fun of him for giving away the information so easily when BigHit was trying not to divulge any details.
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'Permission to Dance' will release on July 9

While interacting with his close to 33 million fans on Instagram via stories, the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker dropped a few subtle hints that his new collaborative project with BTS might be the latter’s new single ‘Permission to Dance’. When one fan asked about his favorite track of BTS, he said, “Well, it is their new single called ‘Permission to Dance’. The questions regarding his collaboration with BTS, of course, did not stop there.

Another fan asked if he wants to collaborate with BTS to which Sheeran asserted, “Of course, this is my second song with them, and its great fun working with them.” He gave away more spoilers when another curious fan asked the Grammy-winning singer, “Will we see Ed Sheeran and BTS collab in the future?” to which the singer replied with a smile, “Yes, I believe, it is their next single. It is a song called ‘Permission to Dance’ and its very dancey.”

Big Hit Music had confirmed the collaboration a few days ago, however, they had not spilled the beans on the name of the track.  They had informed the media outlet Newsen that Ed Sheeran has participated in BTS’s upcoming songs but added that it was “difficult to confirm” whether the new single will be released as a part of Butter CD version. 'Butter' was originally released just as a digital track, on July 9 (ARMY Day), the song will be re-released in CD version with a new track which is set to release on July 9, as reported by Soompi.



‘Bighit said we don't know when’

BTS Army and Sheeran fans thronged to Twitter as soon as the latter gave away the spoilers on their new song. One fan posted, “Ed Sheeran really be saying yalls I got the privilege to listen to BTS new song cause why not I wrote it!” Another shared, “Watch big hit go like “what? We ain’t releasing any song, who told u that.” One user tweeted about how it was not a big deal about revealing the details, “I don't think this is accidental slip at this point.  There is mutual benefits for both Ed who is promoting his new song now (our competition for next week) and for BTS who is exposed to Ed's fanbase like this.”
The next one stated, “Bighit said we don't know when we'll release it and here ed Sheeran making sure to spoil every single thing before the release. I mean he is "our boy" for a reason.” Another fan said, “You're a cool dude. I love you and your music. And I'm so glad you're working with the awesome BTS. They have someone who is as great as you to work with. Always gonna be with your music.” The next one made fun of Sheeran revealing the details, “@edsheeran spilling everything so excitedly. HE IS SO ADORABLE!” Meanwhile, another concluded, “I love how ed sheeran has been spoiling us with information about bts new single.”