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Is Tyra Banks mispronouncing names on purpose? 'DWTS' fans wonder after she called Michael Bublé as Blubé on live TV

'Tyra needs to spend all week practicing how to say Michael Bublé #dwts,' a fan wrote on Twitter
UPDATED OCT 19, 2022
Tyra Banks and Michael Bublé (Instagram/tyrabanks/michaelbuble)
Tyra Banks and Michael Bublé (Instagram/tyrabanks/michaelbuble)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Tyra Banks mispronounced pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev's name during last week's broadcast of 'Dancing With The Stars,' leading his wife Nikki Bella to call her out on Twitter. This week, the frenzy continues as she mispronounces Michael Bublé while announcing the theme of the show next week.

Fans still don't appear to appreciate Tyra Banks as the co-host of 'Dancing with the Stars,' if social media is any indication. Alongside Alfonso Ribiero, the former 'America's Next Top Model' host, co-hosts 'DWTS.' However, Tyra has come under fire from fans for making blunders when appearing on live television. This week the show returned with two brand-new episodes, and sadly, both of the nights garnered unwanted criticism owing to her own mistakes.


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Fans of 'Dancing with the Stars' have criticized host Tyra Banks for yelling at judge Bruno Tonioli after he fell from his chair. The show's live program on Monday degenerated into mayhem after Bruno was involved in a horrific on-set mishap. Bruno was the first to provide criticism after Jordin Sparks and her partner Brandon Armstrong performed the salsa to 'Let's Get Married' by Jagged Edge. He lavished admiration on the pair, telling the singer that he now "wants to get married." Derek Hough, another 'DWTS' judge, disagreed and dubbed their performance "underprepared." Bruno, stunned by the words, could be seen looking dramatically back over his shoulder at the crowd. 

While the camera was showing Derek providing his opinion, spectators heard a tremendous crash. Tyra screamed, and the audience gasped. “Oh! Bruno lost his chair! Ok!" shouted the host, as Jordin and Brandon both looked stunned.

The camera then moved to Bruno on the floor behind his desk, confessing, "I knew it was gonna happen."

"He's passing out, he thinks Derek is crazy!" Tyra said. Carrie-Anne went over to assist him. "Bruno baby, you okay?" the host questioned after he was back in his seat. As he informed her, he grabbed his back and seemed in pain: "I'm fine. I lost it, I'm sorry."

Some fans, though, criticized Tyra for overreacting to Bruno's tumble.

Tyra's second night of the week wasn't any better, as she mispronounced the name of the performer whose songs will be the theme of next week. Michael Bublé, a four-time Grammy Award winner, will perform on 'Dancing With the Stars' on Monday, October 24, for a special "Michael Bublé" night. The worldwide star will be a guest judge in the famous ballroom, where the remaining dancers will do creative dances to his award-winning music.

Tyra managed to slander his name while sharing this information on live TV on Tuesday night's episode, which didn't sit well with the fans.

Fans took to social media to share their hilarious reaction in the hopes of correcting her: "#DWTS Tyra Banks, it's "Bublé" not Bloobé" ??? !!!" Another fan added: "Michael Bluebe night next week according to Tyra #DWTS." The variation of the name continued with: "Hey Tyra, it's pronounces "Boo-blay." #DWTS." Some fans are even disappointed thinking how can a host get the name of the guest wrong when the show is honoring him next week: "The way Tyra can't go one singular show without messing up a name or a line. How do you screw up Michael Bublé's name when his songs are the theme for next week #DWTS."





One fan even asked if she is doing this on purpose, since the butchering of names has been on going for quite a while now: "#DWTS Is Tyra saying names wrong on purpose at this point? It’s Michael Bublé….not BLUBÉ @officialdwts." One fan suggested: "Tyra needs to spend all week practicing how to say Michael Bublé #dwts." Some fans are dreading thinking: "Tyra can’t say Buble. Can’t wait to hear that a thousand times next week. #DWTS."




'Dancing With the Stars' Season 31 airs live on Disney+ at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. This week, the show aired two episodes back to back on Monday and Tuesday.

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