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'DWTS' Season 31: Is Len Goodman OK? Fans express concern over his generous scoring

'Len is acting so weird this episode what are these scores he's giving out', stated Disney+ fans after watching 'DWTS' Season 31 Prom Night
UPDATED OCT 19, 2022
'DWTS' Season 31 judge Len Goodman (Instagram/@lengoodmanmbe)
'DWTS' Season 31 judge Len Goodman (Instagram/@lengoodmanmbe)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Dancing with the Stars' judges have always been in the talk, mostly for favoring some of their favorite contestants. In Season 31, we have seen Len Goodman being thrashed by the fans for being too supportive of Cheryl Ladd. Moreover, some of the other judges have often been criticized for not giving a good score to deserving ones. 

In the recently released, 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 Prom Night episode, we saw the performers reliving their prom night days. Each one of the contestants shared their high school story on the stage. Vinny Guadagnino shared how he didn't go to his prom night, while, Shangela shared how he wasn't his full self at the prom night as he was not openly gay at that time. Well, it seems that Len Goodman is most influenced by these heart-touching stories. And, therefore, he was seen giving out mostly good marks to all of the contestants. Moreover, in Prom Night's episode, Len was seen being less critical about the performances of the contestants. This led fans to wonder what was the matter with him.


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Is Len acting wried? 'DWTS' fans believe so. Len is seen as being too generous toward the contestant in the recently released episode. A fan took note of his "too good" attitude and thrashed him on Twitter, saying, "Len is acting so weird this episode what are these scores he's giving out". Another fan noted Len praising Shangela too high. The fan wrote, "Len being Shangela’s biggest fan on the judges table is the plot twist I needed in this dark time". Some even criticize Len for giving more marks than others to Heidi D'Amelio. "Heidi getting a 9 from Len and an 8 from everyone else what is going on", wrote the fan.




On the other hand, a few fans were angry at Len for giving higher marks and question the judge's behavior. A fan made a sarcastic comment, "They have Len smiling!" Furthermore, fans thanked other judges for being strict, unlike Len. "THANK YOU CARRIE ANN & DEREK for being more strict on judging an experienced dancer in a competition meant for learners. give others a chance to excel", tweeted a critic. Another fan made comment about judges favoring Charli D'Amelio, who is judges' favorite but not fans' favorite contestant. The fan tweeted, "let’s watch as the judges clearly favoritize the teenage tiktoker later tonight".




Tune in to Disney+ to watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 31 at 8 pm ET. This 'Stories Week', the show aired two episodes back to back on Monday and Tuesday.

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