CLB vs Donda fight heats up as Drake’s fans 'vandalize' Kanye West’s home

CLB vs Donda fight heats up as Drake’s fans 'vandalize' Kanye West’s home
Drake and Kanye West (Photos by Kevin Winter/ Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Drake’s sixth studio album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ also stylized as ‘CLB’ is expected to hit the streaming platforms on September 3 whereas, Kanye West’s much-awaited 10th studio effort ‘Donda’ might also arrive on the same day. Now, the two hip-hop heavyweights have been going at each other after Drake took potshots at Kanye on Trippie Red’s song ‘Betrayal’ which of course, saw its repercussions.

In the latest Drake’s fans ended up vandalizing Kanye’s childhood home with a few signboards that took a direct dig at the 44-year-old rapper. Hateful words with three different signboards were spotted on the front steps of the South Shore Chicago house that Kanye grew up in. The house was most recently the centerpiece of ‘Donda’s third listening event in Chicago. Kanye West’s childhood home was also reported to be under renovation.  Social media users, however, had a different take on the situation saying putting signboards cannot be labeled as vandalism.
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Drake’s fans vandalize Kanye West’s childhood home

Of the three signs placed on the front steps of Kanye’s childhood home, one of them mentioned Drake’s lyrics from ‘Betrayal’ reading “burnt out” whereas, another sign said, “Certified Lover Boy is coming soon”. The third one took a dig at Justin Laboy- a social media influencer who has been promoting Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ a lot lately. Apart from placing the signboards, no physical damage was done to the property.

Speaking of their feud, on the song ‘Betrayal’, Drake fired shots at Yeezy while rapping, “All these fools I'm beefin' that I barely know / Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go / Ye ain't changin' s*** for me, it's set in stone”. Kanye later ended up leaking Champagne Papi’s address on his Instagram but deleted it soon. However, the screengrabs of the same quickly went viral on the Internet. Drake later also posted a story on Instagram where he was seen laughing which everyone assumed to be a reaction towards Kanye West sharing his address publicly. Kanye West had also mocked Drake with a cryptic Joker post where he had shared a screenshot of a chat. While sharing an image of Joaquin Phoenix’s 2019 Joker, Kanye West in his now-deleted post stated, “I live for this.” Yeezy further wrote, “I’ve been f**ked with by weird a** jock n***as like you my whole life.” The Grammy-winning rapper then concluded, “You will never recover. I promise you.” The screengrab quickly managed to break the Internet. The picture shared by Kanye came a day after Drake dissed him on Trippie Redd’s song.  







‘Drake fans so soft they vandalize in a polite manner’

Social media users rushed to Twitter as soon as they saw the image of Kanye West’s childhood home getting vandalized. While a few loyal Drake fans did not agree with the fact it was vandalized others made fun of the situation how soft Drake’s fans were for putting up signboards. One user stated, “They were so childish bc it’s his childhood home.” Another shared, “Where's the vandalism at? All I see are cardboard signs with mildly offensive scribbles on them lol.”
Whereas, one user tweeted, “Really, you call this vandalism? I can also come with posters to a place and take a photo like this guy and claim that somebody else did it... The internet is very quick to believe any nonsense out there with any verifications.” The next one posted, “Nah drake fans weird for this smh if Kanye see this he finna do some crazy s**t.” One added, “Drake fans so soft they vandalize jn a polite manner.” And, one person asserted, “Seeing how it was signs that could be easily taken down I’m calling ye fans trying to stir up the drama.” While, one individual concluded while trolling the situation saying, “Drake fans vandalize like they care for people feelings.”

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