DC FanDome reveals two 'secret movies' on mobile site, fans share their best guesses: 'Flash, New Gods or GL?'

With DC apparently set to announce two new films at their FanDome event, fans are desperately hoping for their favorite properties to be introduced

                            DC FanDome reveals two 'secret movies' on mobile site, fans share their best guesses: 'Flash, New Gods or GL?'
(DC Comics)

Hype for DC's FanDome event continues to ramp up, especially with the reveal that there are two "secret movies" that are yet to be announced. Fans have already begun speculating as to what the films could possibly be. 

DC FanDome's mobile version of the official website allows fans to submit questions for various DC categories. Two new categories have just been revealed: "Secret Movie 1" and "Secret Movie 2." Fans immediately began sharing the news online and making their best guesses as to what those movies could be.

"It ain't gonna be sequels bc all the movies have panels. In other words, JL2, WW3, SS3, Shazam 3 or Black Adam 2 won't be those secret movies bc they all have panels," writes one fan, eliminating the obvious. "There’s a few other DC movies in development that haven't been announced but it seems way too early for them to be talked about at FanDome, but crazier things have happened," writes a user on Twitter. 

The recently announced Snyder Cut release on HBO Max still has fans wondering if there is going to a 'Justice League' announcement on the way. Many others are hoping for a 'Birds of Prey' announcement. "I think the secret DC films at FanDome will end up being Batgirl and some kind of Justice League film. The Batgirl film could also include the Birds of Prey or the Sirens, maybe even both. Just my guesses..." wrote one fan.

"Bet one is new gods cause they’ve been hard at work on that script and I feel like they wouldn’t be working so long if they weren’t already planning production. Plus Darkseid is about to become hella popular," said another fan. There are a number of other guesses thrown in — every fan wants to see their favorites announced. "The secret movie of DC fandome must be a new Harley Quinn or Batgirl movie," wrote one Twitter user. "Two secret Dc movies to be announced at Dc fandome? Let my boi The Question be one of them pls," says a Tweet. "Two new projects to be announced at DC Fandome? I’m kinda hoping it’s Flash and GL," said a fan, referring to Green Lantern. 

One fan hoped that DC's movie announcements will bring forth some news from Marvel, that has been largely silent about production news due to delays coming from the pandemic. "I'm grasping at straws here but I'm hoping the possibility of New Gods being at FanDome will push Marvel to give us some Eternals content sooner rather than later," the fan wrote.

DC's FanDome event will be held on August 22, beginning at 10 am PDT. Find more details here.

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