Dwayne Johnson updates fans on his anti-hero flick amid DC 'reconfiguration'

The Rock teased 'Black Adam' solo movie could begin filming by 2019 end, hinting that there could be few surprise DC cameos in his upcoming anti-hero movie.  

                            Dwayne Johnson updates fans on his anti-hero flick amid DC 'reconfiguration'
Dwayne Johnson (Source : Getty Images)

Ever since the word has spread about Dwayne Johnson's involvement with the upcoming line-up of DC movies speculations have been at an all-time high. After all the Rock is a brand in itself and any project that has anything to do with the former-wrestler-turned-actor almost instantly finds itself at the center of all attention. One such movie that is currently basking in the Johnson-cast limelight is DC's much-talked-about anti-hero flick, 'Black Adam'. 

Although update surrounding the movie had initially surfaced in January 2017, for the past year or so there hasn't been much progress with the DC/Warner Bros project. In fact, it was believed that the studio was majorly shaking up it's working structure in order to redefine the future of DCEU. But the wait seems to be finally over. Amidst all the chatter, the 'Black Adam' actor himself shared an update assuring die-hard fans of the comics that the movie is surely coming along and that work is in progress on the script.  

"Black Adam is coming along. The script is coming along. I'm very happy with it. That's a project that obviously you want to take your time [with]," the 46-year-old actor told Variety, fueling our hope once again. Explaining the reason why the movie is taking its own sweet time, the actor touched base on the superhero franchise's current status which has been branching out with different movies in their shared universe. In these circumstances, it definitely needs some foresight to figure out how newer additions like Black Adam and Shazam! fit into the bigger picture. 

"I think it's in a very exciting time now, with DC, because there's some rejiggering going on. There's reconfiguration going on. There's looking at the macro map of the DC universe. And I know those guys are working diligently at DC and Warner Bros too, working closely with our producers too, to see how Black Adam unfolds in the universe. But yeah. I mean, I'm excited about it. It's just coming along and being written," dished the 'Fast 8' actor. 

This comes after he recently teased how 'Black Adam' solo movie could begin filming by 2019 end. In addition, Johnson had also hinted on few surprise DC cameos in his upcoming anti-hero movie.  

"That’s been the beauty of Black Adam as we’ve been developing it is that we could make a movie that just stood on its own too as well, but that’s also the beauty of those universes coming together at DC,” he had said.