'Swamp Thing': The powers and abilities of DC Universe's green, mean superhero

'Swamp Thing': The powers and abilities of DC Universe's green, mean superhero

Swamp Thing is green, mean and awfully grotesque.

Outside of its extensive comic book history, Swamp Thing has inspired two theatrical feature films, an animated series, and will soon make its way into DC Universe as a horror-superhero tale.

While not many see him as a superhero, the Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson-created elemental creature sure has some impressive powers up its sleeves.

Ahead of the release of 'Swamp Thing' on DC Universe on May 31, here are some of the powers that we are looking forward to.

Body construction and regeneration

In the comics, the first power exhibited by Swamp Thing was the ability to animate green matter to construct a body for itself.

This meant that bodily attacks on the thing seldom worked. The power also meant that the creature has the power to regenerate damaged or severed body parts.

It would be interesting to see how Alec Holland's Swamp Thing would react to gunfire in the series.

Controlling plant life

An instance of this ability was shown in the first few minutes of the pilot episode.

While the monster did not make an appearance, the vines slithering towards their target with precision meant that the Swamp Thing could successfully control its surrounding flora.


The other instance of this power was seen in 2005's Swamp Thing #20, the comic that sees Swamp Thing using the plants as a shield from enemy attacks. 

Swamp Thing as seen in one of the comics (DC Comics)

Transforming consciousness

The elemental superhero can even transport himself across the globe by leaving his current form, transferring his consciousness to a new form grown from whatever vegetable matter is present in the location he wishes to reach.

It's very unlikely that we will get to see this but, if we do, it'll be interesting to see how DC Universe chooses to show this power as it further adds to the horror element that the show is already making waves for.

Shape-changing abilities

Since Swamp Thing's body is basically a heap of green gobbledegook that takes a particular shape, it would be amazing to see the Swamp Thing camouflage at some point in the show. 


In Alan Moore and Rick Veitch's 1982 version of Swamp Thing #56, the monster is shown traveling to an alien world where he creates a body that takes the shape of his wife Abby Arcane. His ability to toggle between plant and human form is one power that we would most surelywill  get to see.

Whether we get to see most of the Swamp Thing's abilities in the DC Universe series remains to be seen. (DC Universe)

Manipulate alien vegetation

Fans of the Swamp Thing comics loved this ability. When Superman was infected by exposure to a Kryptonian plant rendering him powerless by causing his body to burn his superhuman powers, the Swamp Thing's power to bend a plant to his will helped free the Man of Steel.

While we're pretty sure that Superman may not be a part of the show, the fact that there is an evil corporation causing trouble in Houma with mutagens will surely attract the wrath of the green monster.


While a couple of these abilities have already been teased in the trailer, we are looking forward to seeing the full magnitude of the Swamp Thing's powers over the course of the show.

'Swamp Thing' will premiere on DC Universe on May 31.

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