'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 7: Eternal Flagellation begins, fans 'thank writer'

'Bird Patrol' saw a betrayal, a revelation and plenty of new plot twists on 'Doom Patrol' on HBO MAX

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 7: Eternal Flagellation begins, fans 'thank writer'
A still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

'Doom Patrol' Season 3 just had its mid-season finale and boy, oh boy, it was good! The HBO Max show, which follows the DC superheroes go on various wild adventures as they strive to maintain balance, is much loved by its loyal fans and continues to impress.

The 6th episode of the show focused on the close relationship of Laura DeMille and the Sisterhood of Dada with an amnesiac Rita joining them. The group failed to keep up with their promise as the Eternal Falgellation still remains a mystery. The 7th episode 'Bird Patrol' was jam-packed with thrilling events as we see the members of the Sisterhood making the first move of a much larger plan. Read on to know what happened and how fans reacted to the episode.


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'Bird Patrol' saw quite a lot go down. We see the members of the Sisterhood finish building a birdcage as they laugh with glee. Victor (Joivan Wade) is consulting a doctor for skin grafts as everyone gets a creepy message indicating Sisterhood's arrival. In the present, Larry (Matt Bomer) vomits up his tumor which turns out to be a larva of some sort and was the result of his visit to the Negative Nebula in space. Jane (Diane Guerrero) visits Kay (Skye Roberts) in the Underground and finds that others are up to something. We also get to see foghorn blowing as a mysterious fog engulfs the members of the Doom Patrol. Traveling back to 1949, we see the Sisterhood of Dada finally deciding to carry out the Eternal Flagellation, but not before being betrayed by Laura who was forced to classify them as weapons to be used to fight a war. Cutting back to the present time, Laura and the superhero gang are transported to a basement as Laura finally gets back her memories. All of them suddenly appear in a field along with the Sisterhood, now holding an abomination of a man's face and a moth. As Rita (April Bowlby) opens the cage we see the creature transform into hundreds of a smaller versions of itself. Laura escapes by turning into a bird amidst the chaos and flees. As the Sisterhood says this is just the prologue before the reckoning, we see the Doom Patrol look on in confusion. The episode ends with the moth creatures crashing into the Doom Patrol members one by one with each of them vanishing. 

Fans were left to wonder what will happen next as the mid-season finale turned out to be an amazing episode filled with twists. Here's how fans reacted

A fan said, "Wow! the recent #DoomPatrol episode just so wow!"Another viewer said, " #DoomPatrol episode 7 was great.". A user commented, "Look…. I’m gonna need @shoshanasachi to thank every writer personally for this season of #DoomPatrol . Y’all killin it. "   

Another fan commented, "God i love #DoomPatrol gonna try to find my omnibus and reread the comic". Another viewer said, " Bird patrol was so good! I think this might be my favorite season. @DCDoomPatrol"#DoomPatrol #sisterhoodofdada #HBOMax #RitaFarr #crazyjane. Another user said, " Well.......... THAT WAS AN ENDING! #DoomPatrol 












'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.

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