'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4 Preview: The Doom Patrol just got dead or undead?

'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4 Preview:  The Doom Patrol just got dead or undead?
A still from 'Doom Patrol' Season 3(Twitter)

HBO MAX's fantastical freaks turned superheroes saw them make their return last week and man was that so fun! 'Doom Patrol' debuted its Season 3 and the episodes were already wild right from the beginning but well that's just regular 'Doom Patrol' for you. DC's craziest superheroes never fail to entertain as they traverse through the universe dealing with anomalies that threaten the future of the world as we know it.

 'Doom Patrol' follows a  team of traumatized and downtrodden superheroes who come together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence. We see the characters of  Robotman, Crazy Jane, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, Cyborg, Dorothy, and The Chief as they battle opposing forces. Last week's episode saw the arrival of Madame Rouge in a time machine that effectively sets them on a new path.


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The Season 3 premiere of 'Doom Patrol' came with the release of its first three episodes. The three openers basically were meant to complete the storyline that was left incomplete in Season 2 of the show. The fourth episode titled, 'Undead Patrol' is where we can expect a new story arc to begin.

Episode 3's ending saw the Doom Patrol finally meet Madam Rouge when she walks into the room of Doom Manor unannounced and the story picks up from here. 

October's just around the corner and we all know what that means, it's the spooky season! True to television tradition, Episode 4 of the season titled 'Undead Patrol' sees the gang in an all-new avatar...they're now zombies! We hear the narrator warn us as we are about to enter a world not confined by Earthly boundaries. We see the group slowly lose control of themselves as they begin their confusing transformation unannounced. The promo saw Cyborg baffled as he sees an infection on his hand. We can safely assume this is related to what happens next.

Madam Rouge is confused and doesn't know what is happening. Everything has a cause and this situation was apparently caused by a blunder on her part. Talk about trouble, the woman just arrived and has already messed up. We see the introduction of a new character who may or may not be of help.

BRAINS! is the chant as we see the Doom Patrol turned zombies wander about menacingly. This is a mental state that crosses over to the realm of the undead, so see you on the other side. The smell of abomination is all about and we can expect a fun episode to come.




'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.

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