'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4: Fans say 'hope this show lasts as long as possible'

Fans can't help fall more in love with 'Doom Patrol' as the show keeps upping its game every episode

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4: Fans say 'hope this show lasts as long as possible'
A still of Larry in 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 (HBO MAX)

'Doom Patrol' just dropped the fourth episode of Season 3 and we can't stop laughing! 'Undead Patrol' saw some crazy happenings as the group members are not themselves anymore. Literally, they're now zombies! Wild right? That's just 'Doom Patrol' for you though, bat-shit crazy and funny.

'Doom Patrol' follows the adventures of a group of misfits turned superheroes (unwillingly) as they traverse the ever confusing universe to keep life as we know it safe. The show is one of DC Universe's best ones out there with a loyal fan following of all ages. The Season 3 premiere served its purpose of finishing up Season 2's cliffhangers with a new story arc beginning from the fourth episode. This is what went down and how fans reacted to the latest episode.


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'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4 titled 'Undead Patrol' saw some absolutely wild stuff go down. We see Madam Rouge talking with the gang as they wonder who she is. We come to know she has amnesia and is trying to find Niles who is dead. Her plan to time-travel fails as the time capsule breaks down leaving her to look for answers. At the same time, something strange starts happening as the Doom Patrol is itchy all over signaling the start of the zombification. Larry is having bodily trouble as he keeps throwing up blue vomit. We also see Willoughby who has invoked the spirit of Niles in his decapacitated head try to get some answers. The episode gets wilder as we see the team fully transform into zombies and the chant for BRAINS!!! begins. In her quest for answers, we see Madam Rouge team up with Willoughby to find Niles' head which has now been stolen. The Doom Patrol along with Rouge and Willoughby successfully retrieve the head with the group getting back to normal. We also see Rouge realize her true identity at the cost of Niles' final sacrifice for the team. Here's how fans reacted.

 A fan commented, "Episode 4 #DoomPatrol Perfect episode! As creepy as it was hilarious. Zombified Doom Patrol was so funny. Nice to see Kipling again and Michelle Gomez as Laura De Mille is such a good addition. Best episode of the season so far.". Another user said, "Such good BRRAAAAIIIIINNNS behind this show, I swear. #DoomPatrol". A viewer also commented, "Doom Patrol is definitely getting better with every episode. #DoomPatrol #crazyjane #ritafarr #cyborg".

A fan commented, "Omg I hope so many people get mad about tonight's episode of #DoomPatrol . One of the best episodes yet. So much awesomeness. I hope this show lasts as long as possible". Yet another fan commented, "DAWG!!! not they on here eating ass this episode , LITERALLY I love me some #DoomPatrol". Another viewer said, "the way I can’t stop laughing at this episode I love when they talk as zombies #DoomPatrol".













'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.

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