'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 8 Preview: No one can hide who they really are

The Eternal Flagellation has been set into motion as Laura makes her escape from the Sisterhood of Dada

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 8 Preview: No one can hide who they really are
Brendan Fraser in a still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

The mid-season finale of 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 which revolves around the superheroes from the DC universe has had a steady pace with each episode being exciting.

Episode 7 of 'Doom Patrol' saw the start of the Eternal Flagellation with the Sisterhood of Dada finally carrying out their decade-old plan. Rita is emotional as Laura doesn't atone and releases the weird moth with a man's face creature which splits into a hundred of its small selves. These smaller versions crash into the gang who are also there and teleports each Doom Patrol member away, while Laura, having recovered her memory, escapes amidst the chaos after transforming into a bird. Read on to know what the next episode has to offer.


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The preview opens with the narrator saying, "You're about to enter a world not restrained by atonement or regret, this is the mental state between who we were and who we allow ourselves to become". Episode 7's end saw the Doom Patrol vanish one by one leaving viewers to guess their whereabouts. It seems they're all stuck in their own subconscious. Vic (Joivan Wade) sees his younger self as he sadly says he'll never get his childhood back. Laura DeMille (Michelle Gomez) now with her memories back asks Rita (April Bowlby) if she thought she could really change the world as Rita stretches her hand to choke Laura's neck.  We also see the exciting appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil with Laura there as they approve of her accent. It seems like Laura may be joining the evil troop.

Larry (Matt Bomer), Cliff ( Brendan Fraser), and Vic smash through a wall as the clip cuts to a Larry who's unburnt and without bandages questioning a wrapped up Larry as to what he's doing here, with him replying, "You tell me". As Vic says all of this is crazy we see the other selves of the Doom Patrol together, Rita says that no one will be able to hide who they really are as we see someone jump into a portal. 

"Subconscious Patrol" looks to confront the Doom Patrol's innermost selves with them having to face bitter truths that they've kept buried below. The eighth episode of the season will delve deeper into the past of the characters will the Eternal Flagellation in process and still an ongoing threat.

'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.

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