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Where's Barron? Fake Trump Christmas card has Internet asking just one question

The Internet is in splits over the card featuring Trump's 'penis' outfit, the absence of Barron, and placement of the Ivanka ornament.
The fake Donald Trump Christmas card has Internet trolls having a field day (Twitter)
The fake Donald Trump Christmas card has Internet trolls having a field day (Twitter)

Last week, First Lady Jill Biden was trolled endlessly after the White House revealed the holiday decorations spearheaded by her. This week, the Internet is going wild over a Christmas card featuring former President Donald Trump and his family. Well, we aren't sure if this could be called a complete family card as it's missing the youngest Trump, Barron. The Internet is brimming with comments over the card and we decided to look it up to understand what the hoopla was about till we figured out it's completely FAKE. 

The card in question is fully monochrome barring the greeting 'Merry Christmas' which is written in customary red and green. The card features a full-length photograph of Trump looking pensive. Also featuring on the card are the faces of the former Prez's kids - Ivanka, Eric, Trump Jr, and Tiffany also feature on the card, as ornaments lined up on the top right of the card. Melania also features on one of the ornaments and is placed second, next to Ivanka who features first. The card is signed "From the Winter White House December 2021 - President Donald J Trump" with a Presidential seal at the bottom. A reindeer-pulled sleigh is seen being projected from the top of Trump Sr's head and is shooting towards the sky. 


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Where's Barron?

Donald Trump and his family, unfortunately, have been a hot favorite among Internet trolls who seem to pick on every oppurtunity to poke fun at him. One of these jokes is surrounding Trump's outfit, a part of which when outlined, looks like a penis. "Hey look. Trumps Christmas card where he completely ignores the fact he has a youngest child and he puts his daughter before his wife. Guess that makes him a complete piece of shit too, huh? Not to mention he looks like a giant penis," a tweet read. "Just showed my son Trumps Christmas card. My wife asked him what he sees. Son: Penis," tweeted another. "Pretty funny image. The white shirt portion of Trump playing off the dark background of the rest of his tuxedo makes him appear like a giant penis. Even on a Merry Christmas card he’s still a dick. A buffoon in his finest," read another tweet. "Omfg this is tRump’s penis Christmas card. There’s no Baron and calls himself president form his winter WH. This fool has totally lost it," tweeted another user. 

Barron's absence in the photo too has been questioned a lot. "I'm a republican and that TRUMP christamas card has a dick on it and no barron .....steve why is barron not on the christmas card ...can you explain?" tweeted one user. "@DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @MELANIATRUMP why is the baby, Barron not on this ugly Christmas card? Trump ought to be ashamed of himself," asked another. "Looks like there’s not mushroom for Barron on Trump’s Christmas card…" wrote another. "I doubt Trump knew someone made him into a dildo on a Christmas card. It could be Russia, it could be China! Let the Bamboo card material investigation begin ! Barron is lucky not to be included in the penis card!" read another tweet.