'Go for a stroll': Andrew Tate reacts as Adin Ross tries to sneak into his $5.2M Bugatti

'Go for a stroll': Andrew Tate reacts as Adin Ross tries to sneak into his $5.2M Bugatti
Andrew Tate and Adin Ross are on good terms and have a decent camaraderie with each other (Adin Ross/Twitter)

Social media influencer Andrew Tate aka Cobra is well-known for posing the infamous query, "What color is your Bugatti?" The query is more of an insult than an inquisition. Tate was once approached by a man who told him, "I don't like the color of your Bugatti." The Cobra responded to the question by asking, "What color is your Bugatti?" and the man shut up. This moment went viral on social media.

Fans are now speculating whether the Tate and Adin Ross has the same $5.2 million Bugatti. The year 2014 saw the launch of Ross' YouTube account and he debuted in the world of live streaming in 2018.


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Who owns the Bugatti 5.2M Bugatti?

When Ross first met Tate, fans saw him driving a Bugatti. However, some people enquired whether Tate and Ross own a similar Bugatti. The answer to that question is yes. It is Tate's Bugatti as Ross has not purchased one yet.



Tate inquired about the color of Ross' Bugatti. To which, the streamer said that he doesn't have one yet but would ultimately buy the vehicle. Then Ross requested Tate whether he could drive the Bugatti. Tate then asked whether he could drive it without crashing it, to which, Ross then jokingly responded, "No."


The video shows Tate handing the keys to Ross and telling him, "You can drive it." Ross reached out to seize the keys, but Tate yelled, “F*ck no. Go for a stroll.” This was simply lighthearted banter between Tate and Ross, who get along great.



House arrest

Currently, Andrew and Tristan Tate remain under house arrest. Although they were let out of the Romanian jail, the accusations against them have not yet been dropped. Due to the seriousness of the allegations against the Tate brothers, the legal process may take some time.

Additionally, Tate has been charged with some new offenses by three British women. The Cobra team has refuted every accusation made against him. They believe that this is a ruse to defraud them of additional money. Top G believes they are a part of the matrix and the matrix is working hard to acquire them.

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 Do Andrew Tate and Adin Ross own the same $5.2M Bugatti?