Divimara Nava: Texas shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa broke wife's nose in brutal beating a year before he killed 5

Divimara Nava: Texas shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa broke wife's nose in brutal beating a year before he killed 5
Divimara Lamar Nava chose not to press charges against Francisco Oropesa, but she had requested a protective order against him (Montgomery County Jail, Twitter/@FBIHouston)

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SAN JACINTO COUNTY, TEXAS: Francisco Oropesa, a Mexican national convicted of killing five neighbors in Texas, allegedly assaulted his wife, Divimara Lamar Nava, while intoxicated. The alleged mass shooter Oropesa, 38, was caught on Tuesday, May 2, and it was discovered that Nava, 53, had been assisting him in hiding.

San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon claimed that Oropesa, who spent four days evading capture after the shooting last week, had been accused of viciously assaulting Nava on June 14, 2022, according to New York Post. On Friday, April 28, Oropesa reportedly shot dead five of his neighbors. His wife Nava helped him elude authorities until Tuesday, May 2, when they found him huddling beneath a pile of laundry. More than 250 law enforcement personnel searched Cleveland, Texas, and the nearby communities as part of the extensive manhunt for Oropesa. He is being held at the San Jacinto County Jail under a $7.5 million bond.


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Where did Divimara Lamar Nava sustain injuries from the June 14 assault?

Records indicate that Nava reported her intoxicated husband's assault on her to the sheriff's office. She stated to the deputies that she had reportedly been punched, kicked to the ground, and had her head slammed into the gravel of the driveway by Oropesa, according to New York Post. The assault reportedly left Nava with a fractured skull, a black eye, a broken nose and rib, and bruises all over her body, according to court documents.


What impact did the June 14 assault have on Francisco Oropesa?

Nava chose not to press charges against him, but Oropesa, who also claimed he had assaulted her once previously around 11 years ago, was the recipient of her request for a protective order. Oropesa was given instructions as part of the protective order to stay away from Nava and her child, to leave the house they shared, and to be prohibited from owning a gun or ammunition.

Dillion stated that the records show that the county attempted to serve Oropesa five times, but a constable was never able to locate him. It is still unclear if Nava ever informed authorities that her husband had been disobeying the protective order as the matter is still pending.


Why was Divimara Lamar Nava arrested?

Dillon claimed that Nave was helping conceal 'a wanted person' while simultaneously assisting law enforcement, thus playing both sides. Nava along with her husband, Oropesa, were both arrested. Nava is charged with aiding Oropesa by "providing material aid and encouragement, food, clothes, and arranged transport" to the Conroe residence where police eventually discovered him huddled beneath a pile of laundry.

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 Who is Divimara Nava? Texas shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa once broke wife's nose and rib in beating