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Dismembered Chicago woman's body found in her own freezer after her concerned tenants alert police

Frances Walker was killed and dismembered by one of her tenants whom all the other tenants were afraid of
The discovery of Frances Walker's body in her home has shocked her neighbors who tearfully remember her as a kind and friendly woman (Screenshot from ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube)
The discovery of Frances Walker's body in her home has shocked her neighbors who tearfully remember her as a kind and friendly woman (Screenshot from ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A tenant noticed her landlord was missing for a day and reported it to the police. This led to a gruesome discovery as the dismembered body of the landlord, Frances Walker, was found in a freezer. After the Chicago Police Department questioned neighbors, they learned about the suspect, who was also Walker's tenant and whom other tenants were afraid of. Police also found large bags containing blood-soaked rags dumped in a garbage can at Foster Avenue Beach.

Police were able to get to the evidence after the neighbors reported that the suspect had called a tow truck and was seen carrying large bags to it. On questioning the tow truck driver, the police found out the location where the large bags were dumped. After this, the police probed the suspect's residence where they found human remains stored in the freezer. Police have secured a search warrant and are carrying forward the investigation.


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Walker who lived on the 5900 block of North Washtenaw Avenue for decades used to sometimes rent out rooms in her home to female tenants. She followed a routine life and the neighbors often spotted her working in her garden every day in West Rogers Park. One weekend, when Frances was not seen in her garden, the neighbors first thought it could be due to the flu season. However, when she was not seen for a long time, the neighbors got concerned and one of her tenants alerted the police.


According to Fox 32, the neighbors said Frances was very kind and friendly. They were shocked on learning about her murder. Miranda Castillo, one of Walker's neighbors, said, "I know that she’s very friendly. She’s familiar with everybody else in the neighborhood."

Andy, another neighbor, said, "We just assumed she was sick because it’s flu season. And then we started to realize she wasn’t around and tried calling her. We received no text or call and that’s when we thought something had happened."

According to Brendan Deenihan, CPD Dective Chief, "When the police arrived, that individual told the police there was another suspect who lived in the residence who the other tenants were afraid of. And that suspect had recently called a tow truck and carried a heavy bag out to the tow truck." The police were able to reach the tow truck driver because the tenant who reported the case had also exchanged numbers with the driver.

When the evidence was found, one of the neighbors stated, "Completely shocked. I mean she’s such a wonderful woman who cares about others. And I can’t imagine what would have angered somebody." As Walker used to play pianos in different churches in the area as well as in a ballet company in Evanston, it came as a shock to those who knew her that someone could have done something like this.

The investigation is being carried on and the suspect is being questioned at Area Three police headquarters who, according to the reports, is not cooperating as of now.