Did JYPE change after hate over Nayeon's solo debut? TWICE fans joke 'bullying works'

Did JYPE change after hate over Nayeon's solo debut? TWICE fans joke 'bullying works'
Nayeon becomes the first TWICE member to make her solo debut (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

While it is not easy for a K-pop label to meet the exceeding demands of the industry, their artists as well as the fans, some agencies get more hate than others for their decisions. Despite being part of the Big 4 K-pop labels, JYPE gets an immense amount of hate as fans feel they mistreat their groups. From no promotions for groups like GOT7 and TWICE to overworking Itzy, NMIXX and Stray Kids while forgetting about their rookie band Xdinary Heroes, JYPE is often in hot water. TWICE fans had the biggest grudge as the label prioritized Itzy’s July release over Nayeon’s solo debut which takes place on June 24.

It has also become routine for TWICE fans to ask JYPE to restock albums every time the girl group has a comeback. Despite being a veteran in the K-pop industry, the girls are yet to have a million-seller album. Fans reasoned that JYPE was sabotaging them as the albums would go out of stock for weeks even during the pre-order period. But it seems like things are changing as the management of Nayeon’s solo debut is going pretty smoothly which has everyone surprised.

TWICE fans angry as JYPE prioritizes Itzy's July release over Nayeon's solo debut

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JYPE goes all out for Nayeon’s solo debut

Nayeon has been trending pretty much every day as we are getting all kinds of concept photos, teasers and a sneak peek into her album ‘Im Nayeon’. ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) were ready to hate on JYPE after the album went out of stock in the midst of pre-orders but it looks like the label has stepped up their game as they immediately stocked the albums. After weeks of no schedules or concept photos and fans calling it mistreatment, we got a sudden barrage of content for Nayeon’s solo debut. 

While fans of JYPE groups don’t really see eye to eye, they all agree that the label has the worst music video teasers as they spoil a majority of the actual music video from the chorus to the choreography. And so everyone was scared for Nayeon’s ‘POP’ but once again JYPE changed for the better as they kept things short and mysterious for the TWICE star’s music video teaser. Nayeon also revealed that all of these changes were indeed happening because the label was actually listening to what the fans wanted.


'The world is healing'

Fans are commending JYPE as they made tweets like, “Ok JYPE splurged on the production FINALLY 👏🏼 look at the amount of background dancers and the set 👏🏼 😁 about Damn time.” Another ONCE posted, “The fact that jype restock nayeon’s mini album in just a few moment after it went sold out in selling platforms.” One commented, “This outfit just for one mini album 😭😭 finally jype give high budget to her solo debut.” Another fan shared, “LOOKS LIKE JYPE ARE DOING EVERYTHING TO KEEP THE GIRLS IN THE COMPANY 😭 EVEN LISTENING TO ONCE'S CONCERN AND SUGGESTIONS?? MEMBERS SOLO DEBUT AND IG?! 😭 GOOD FOR THEM IG??!! HSBWHWHSHSJAHSJSS.”





A ONCE said, “Jype didn't spoil the song, different outfits and different sets, no green screen, the quality of the mv is improving and they did restocked faster the albums. the world is healing 😭 we won.” Another joked, “JYPE not spoiling anything, giving different outfits and better M/V quality, actually promoting the album on tv shows, Republic Records tweeting words. i don’t know y’all but all this goes to show that bullying actually works.” A fan added, “Nayeon carrying jype’s pockets as a reminder that they better not fk this up for her.”




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