'TLC won't be around forever': 'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown trashed for allegedly squandering $30K at a club

'TLC won't be around forever': 'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown trashed for allegedly squandering $30K at a club
Christine Brown was slammed for spending a lot of money on her recent trip with daughters and fiance David Woolley (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)

MURRAY, UTAH: 'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown is enjoying her life to the fullest with soon-to-be husband David Woolley. The star was recently seen enjoying her trip to Disneyland with her fiance and daughters Ysabel and Truely Brown. On Wednesday night, Christine uploaded a slew of photos, giving fans a flashback of her California trip.

As Christine and David enjoyed at Club 33, fans wondered where did the couple get so much money from for the membership as it costs a lot. Christine flaunting the membership on her social media page made fans wonder how the 'Sister Wives' star and her fiance could afford so much money.


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Did Christine Brown pay $30K for Club 33 membership?

Christine uploaded a bunch of photos on her Instagram feed on Wednesday night. The photos include her, David, and daughters Ysabel and Tuely. Christine captioned the post, "Had a BLAST in California Adventure and Disneyland! Club 33 was awesome! Thanks @sheridirden for the reservation!!" If Christine's words are to be believed and she was at Club 33, then it must have cost a lot to the star. Disneyland Resort Club 33 members pay $25,000 upfront and then $10,000 every year after the membership. The members of Walt Disney World pay $33,000 to join and the annual fee is $15,000.

Moreover, according to The Family Vacation Guide, even a meal at Club 33 is incredibly expensive. The lunch of one person costs $295, while the dinner is $420 per person. Indeed, it's a big deal to afford membership at Club 33.



Internet slams Christine Brown for frivolously spending money

An internet user posted the screenshot of Christine's post on a Reddit thread asking others, "Would you pay 30k for a membership?" The user further slammed the couple and wrote, "I know I'll be dragged for this but it seems frivolous to me when I don't think either of them is rich enough. Seems like a lot when they're not like a multimillionaire. There's a difference between having money to spend and having money to squander. Yes, they are doing well right now but tlc won't be around forever."


Another commented, "Dropping 30k for some membership while fishing for free wedding vendors. Go figure." Another claimed, "It's also not TLC where she gets the big money. it's the scamming through MLMs." "He reminds me of my stepdad. he has money but not like, MONEY money. he’ll try to convince you otherwise tho," a user wrote about David.

Another speculated, "Most people in CA know someone, who knows someone, who can get them into Club 33 if it is a deep-burning desire. I am sure a reality TV star has enough connections to help get a good hook-up into Club 33." 


While a lot of internet users slammed Christine and David for frivolously spending money, some took notice of Christine's words in the post where she thanked her friend for the reservation. Indeed, it seems that the family might have been invited to Club 33 and they actually did not spend on the membership.

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 Did Christine Brown spend 30K at club? 'Sister Wives' star blasted for 'squandering money' on trip