Did Charlie use Cashay to get into villa? 'Love Island' fans say he's 'only here for the money'

Did Charlie use Cashay to get into villa? 'Love Island' fans say he's 'only here for the money'
'Love Island' stars Charlie Lynch and Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)

After being tangled in a messy love triangle with Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr., and Trina Njoroge for most of her time on 'Love Island', Cashay Proudfoot finally got out of it when she met Charlie Lynch during Casa Amor. Cash was so happy with Charlie that she declared that she manifested him into her life. Although things were going very smoothly between Cash and Charlie at Casa Amor, things quickly went south between the couple after they returned to the 'Love Island' villa.

When Cinco saw Cash happily coupled up with Charlie, he finally made the decision to pursue her. This caused some tension between Charlie and Cash. Charlie began feeling a bit uncomfortable and insecure about Cash's relation with Cinco. Although Cash was briefly swayed by Cinco, she was very clear from the beginning that she was going to work on building and strengthening her relationship with Charlie rather than going after Cinco. So when the islanders had to vote out two islanders, Cash and the other girls finally sent Cinco home. With Cinco out of the picture, Cash was hoping that things would get better between Charlie and her but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.


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Did Charlie use Cashay to get into villa?

Things got worse between Charlie and Cash following Cinco's elimination. Charlie completely shut out Cash and began avoiding her. He started trying to form a connection with the three new girls in the villa- Alana Paolucci, EllySteffan, and Bailey Marshall. This irked Cash to no end who felt that she made a lot of sacrifices for him but he wasn't even trying to make their relationship work.

She finally pulled Charlie aside and confronted him about it. Charlie admitted that he found it hard to trust and open up to her due to her situation with Cinco. When Cash tried pointing out that Cinco wasn't there anymore, he was still reluctant to work things out with her. In the preview for the upcoming episode of 'Love Island' we see Cash breaking down saying she didn't deserve something which Charlie did, while he sat expressionlessly. So, it looks like Cash and Charlie's relationship came to an end. 

After watching Charlie's behavior since the time he entered the villa fans began wondering if he used Cash to just get into the villa. A fan tweeted, "Pretty sure Charlie used Cashay to get into the villa #LoveIslandUSA." "Charlie’s main goal was 2 get n2 the villa. As soon as he did that & the ladies got rid of Cinco, he showed his true colors 2 Cashay. He never wanted her. He only wanted 2 get n2 the villa 2 meet new ladies. He basically used #Cashay. They should have kept Cinco. #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. "Wow.. super disappointed in Charlie smh! How are you acting like this when Cashay literally chose you and then sent Cinco home? He definitely wants an out and he’s using this situation to grant himself one! He used my good sis! #LoveIslandUSA," added a fan.





Fans also felt that Charlie was just pretending to be interested in Cash to win the $100,000 prize money. A fan commented, "Charlie definitely wanted Cash coming into the house and the cash I'm talking about is the 100,000 cash prize. #LoveIslandUSA." "Charlie wanted Cash for the same reason Cinco wanted Cash…the $$$$. She is a fan favorite and they all know it! It’s a game show for money at the end of the day. I mean Olivia wants Korey…yeah ok. #LoveIslandUSA #loveisland," seconded a fan. "Charlie only here for the money. this man shut down lol #LoveIslandUSA," shared a fan.





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