Idaho murders: Web sleuths say gloves found in Bryan Kohberger's home and near crime scene 'don't match'

Idaho murders: Web sleuths say gloves found in Bryan Kohberger's home and near crime scene 'don't match'
Since the suspect Bryan Kohberger has been arrested for the murder of four University of Idaho students, there has been a deluge of new revelations (Instagram(@Kaylee Goncalves , Monroe County Correctional Facility)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: The nation was on edge after learning about the horrific way in which four university students were murdered in Moscow, Idaho. Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were brutally stabbed during the early hours of November 13 while asleep in their beds. Seven weeks later, Bryan Kohbeger, a Ph.D. student, was arrested.


Since the suspect has been arrested, there has been a downpour of revelations, some from the police's probable cause affidavit and search warrant details and some by determined web sleuths. Recently a few Internet users have differentiated between the gloves recovered from Kohbeger's apartment and the gloves that were found earlier by the detectives outside the victims' house.


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A Twitter user described the glove found outside the victims' home, briefly describing the material and the quality difference to the ones found in Bryan's home. "Do people not realize that the glove found outside the home was a winter glove and the glove found in Bryans's apartment was a surgical type glove, right?? Why are some saying it's the same?" Another one of their tweets read, "Yeah, I'm just pointing out that these are 2 completely different gloves. I keep seeing people trying to say the one found outside matches the one found in the apartment. They want an OJ type moment so badly lol."


A different Twitter user replied to the same tweet and wrote, "Not the same. But a possibility he wore two. Took off the black outfit, gloves etc. one of the gloves lost ( dropped) via OJ." A third Twitter user confirmed, "It's not the same," with 'laughing hard with tears' emoji about people making such a basic error in their observation.







Following the heinous murders, the Internet has been flooded with conspiracy theories about the victims and the suspect. Still, police waited until Kohberger's arrest to reveal crucial details about the case. Following Kobherger's first court appearance, some critical information became public.


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Police seized several items from Kohberger's apartment  Latah County Sheriff's Office)

Items recovered from Kohberger's apartment

According to a recently unsealed search warrant, police investigating the murder of four Idaho students seized several items from suspect Bryan Kohberger's apartment, including a computer, a disposable glove, items with red and brown stains, and possibly hair strands, as reported by  CNN.


Investigators also searched the suspect's office at Washington State University, where he was a graduate student and criminology teaching assistant, but no items were found there. Police have already acknowledged they have not yet located the murder weapon, so the knife used in the stabbings in not on the list of items they have seized, as per reports. They have also located no other weapons.

About suspect's arrest 

On December 30, Kohberger was taken into custody at his parents' house in eastern Pennsylvania, more than 2,000 miles from Moscow. Late on January 4, he was transferred to the Latah County Jail after being extradited to Idaho. The judge has already imposed a gag order in the case, as was previously reported. On January 12, Kohberger gave up his right to an immediate preliminary hearing. According to reports, the next hearing will now be held on June 26.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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