Who is BJ Shoo? Veteran girl group SES' member turns into an adult broadcaster

Who is BJ Shoo? Veteran girl group SES' member turns into an adult broadcaster
Ex-K-pop idol Shoo from SM Entertainment's S.E.S turns into an adult broadcaster after the end of her infamous gambling addiction case (SM Entertainment, Flex TV)

A new career path for former K-pop idols who want nothing to do with the K-pop industry seems to be lucrative and another idol has walked down the lane of being a KBJ also known as a Korean Broadcasting Jockey. Fans of DIA were shocked to learn that Somyi, who is now popular as BJ Chomyi, was kicked out of her girl group and had to turn to adult broadcasting for the platform Afreeca TV. Now, another female idol has taken the BJ route and it is none other than veteran girl group member, Shoo.

The popular first-gen girl group S.E.S from SM Entertainment may have become inactive since 2002 but two out of three members of the group are still causing a stir online. Back in 1997, the trio with members Bada, Eugene, and Shoo, otherwise called by their group name, S.E.S, made their debut becoming one of the oldest girl groups in the history of K-pop. The girl group was unofficially disbanded in 2003 but the trio was back again in 2016 for a reunion. Soon after the reunion, member Shoo was under fire for being accused of participating in habitual gambling.


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Yoo Soo-young aka Shoo turns into a BJ

Shoo, also known as Yoo Soo-young, is a Japanese-born former K-pop idol who was a member of S.E.S. After S.E.S’ hiatus, Shoo married basketball player Im Hyo-sung in 2010. On April 26, various news outlets reported that Soo, known for being a veteran K-pop idol, turned into an adult broadcaster aka BJ (Broadcasting Jockey) for Flex TV. Feeling remorse for her actions, Shoo addressed her habitual gambling controversy for which she was sued in 2017. She said, “It was too frivolous, ignorant, and wrong. I want to sincerely apologize.”

The S.E.S member also told fans that the reason for her return as a BJ is because she missed interacting with her fans and wanted to communicate with them live. It has been stated that Shoo is quite shaken up by the gambling controversy and asked her fans to give her a chance to start afresh as she tearfully said, “I ask for forgiveness from my fans and to support me in my shortcomings so that I will be able to start over again.”

Shoo dances to S.E.S' hit single 'Dreams Come True' on her first Flex TV broadcast as a Korean BJ

Bada’s support for BJ Shoo

It also seems that her fans were quite supportive of the former idol as it was reported that Shoo was able to earn 1 million won ($790) with her initial broadcast which is the maximum limit of earning per broadcast for the site Flex TV. She thanked fans for their monetary support by getting up on the chair and dancing for them.

Earlier, Shoo was sued for habitual gambling involving hundreds of millions of won in foreign countries on several occasions from August 2016 to May 2018 until she was exiled from the K-pop industry. She promised fans that she would spend time repenting and reflecting on her previous mistakes.

While the group may have been inactive at present, the trio's friendship from the 90s is still tight as ever as it was reported that after Shoo announced her new journey as a KBJ, S.E.S member Bada rushed to support her friend on social media. On April 25, Bada took to her Instagram story to extend support to Shoo, saying, “Please forgive Shoo, who has been repenting and reflecting for the last four years.” Bada also promoted Shoo’s BJ event saying, “Sooyoung, be strong. To my fans, please be with her. Today evening, at 7 PM, FlexTV.”

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