Devon Hoover murder: Neurosurgeon may have known killer, say investigators as 'person of interest' taken into custody

Devon Hoover murder: Neurosurgeon may have known killer, say investigators as 'person of interest' taken into custody
Devon Hoover was fatally shot multiple times in the head (Devon Hoover/Facebook)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: A 'person of interest' has been taken into custody in the killing of popular neurosurgeon Dr Devon Hoover whose body was found wrapped in a plastic sheet in the attic of his $1.2 million mansion in Detroit. According to authorities, the 53-year-old doctor's death was likely a domestic incident. 

The star doctor's body was found on Sunday evening, April 25, and on Friday, April 28, Detroit Police announced the arrest of the suspect whom the department believes "has information about what transpired." Police are confident about the arrest and the person is arrested on charges unrelated to Hoover's death, reported Daily Mail.


Devon Hoover shooting: Domestic incident may have led to neurosurgeon's death, police say

'He gave me life': Patients rally online for justice after top neurosurgeon Devon Hoover is found dead at home

Suspect and Hoover knew each other

Initially, authorities stated that the neurosurgeon was shot once. On Thursday, a medical examiner found that he suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the head and his cause of death has been determined as homicide.


Detroit Police Chief James White said the 'person of interest' and Hoover knew each other. "This was not a random act," said the chief who declined to provide further details on how the two knew each other. Talking about the motive behind the murder, White did not delve deep into the possibilities but stated that the Detroit Police Department has "some theories." 

"Right now, we're happy to have a person of interest who we can question. We're not going to stop until we have every piece of information that we need," White said. The name of the 'person of interest' has not been disclosed.


Police were 'quickly concerned about things they saw' inside his home

Following the arrest and the case, White said that the department is still investigating this murder case and added that there is nothing that indicates a risk to the community now. Investigators stated there were no signs of forced entry into the beloved doctor's home where he apparently lived alone. On Sunday, police conducted a welfare check when Hoover failed to show up in Indiana for a family party. The police chief did not reveal details about how Hoover was discovered. However, he stated that there were "quickly concerned about some of the things that they saw" inside the neurosurgeon's home. 

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 Devon Hoover may have known killer, say officials as 'person of interest' taken into custody