'Dead Ringers' Episode 1 Takeaway: Elliot is jealous of her twin Beverly and Genevieve's chemistry

'Dead Ringers' Episode 1 Takeaway: Elliot is jealous of her twin Beverly and Genevieve's chemistry
Rachel Weisz in 'Dead Ringers' (@deadringers/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The genre of psychological thrillers is still very popular, and with that Prime Video has dropped an exciting show in this genre. In August 2020, it was announced that Amazon Studios, Annapurna Television, and Morgan Creek Entertainment have commissioned a series-length remake of the 1988 film. 'Dead Ringers' is a 1988 cult classic film turned into a Prime Video series. The limited series, with a similar plot to the movie, follows two twin sisters rather than two twin brothers like the movie.

The OG 'Dead Ringers' had twin brothers -- Beverly and Elliot Mantle, played by Jeremy Irons. The reboot series features Rachel Weisz as the dual lead. The book 'Twins,' penned by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland, served as the inspiration for the movie. The Marcus brothers' real-life story is depicted in the book. They died in 1975. Alice Birch, noted for 'Succession,' developed the contemporary interpretation of Cronenberg's movie. The first episode introduces the Mantel twins and their complex life to the viewers.


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The Mantel twins are two halves of one whole

Beverly and Elliot Mantle are successful gynecologists and famous twins who are in a way different but not really. They are trying to build a Birthing Center, a setting where women who are pregnant are not viewed as sick persons but as humans going through a natural process. One where the needs and safety of pregnant women come first and where they hold all the power. Infertility and other more creative aspects of creating life will also be a focus of the center. They are trying to get investors and deal with their problems. Both twins are quite different in their approach as well as their hunger for life. Elliot is always eating and acting in a forward manner. While Beverly is more reserved but also appears to be more resilient when tested. They both are determined in saving the lives of their patients.


A still from 'Dead Ringers' (2023) 
(Amazon Prime)
A still from 'Dead Ringers' (2023) (Amazon Prime)

The jealousy factor

As a new character, Genevieve enters the life of Beverly as her new patient, who is struggling to have a baby. The Mantel twin suddenly feels a connection with her as she is going through the same. Beverly swapped with Elliot to treat Genevieve. The older twin takes a big step in name of her baby sister with Genevieve. Beverly, who is falling in love with Genevieve, finally finds the courage to face her rather than sending Elliot pretending to be her. They take the next step as they get intimate and Genevieve learns the truth about Beverly having a twin. She even confesses to liking Beverly, and it leads to Elliot getting jealous about their brewing love story. By the end of the episode, a major twist awaits with a confession leading to curiosity.


'Dead Ringers' is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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 'Dead Ringers' Episode 1: Is brewing chemistry between Beverly and Genevieve making Elliot jealous?