‘Cooper's Dog Letter’: Where is the Daub family dog now after owners' tragic murder-suicide

‘Cooper's Dog Letter’: Where is the Daub family dog now after owners' tragic murder-suicide
Morgan Daub led her parents to participate in gruesome triple murder-suicide (Facebook/Suburban Bowlerama)

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA: The apparent murder-suicide deaths of Morgan Daub and her parents – Deborah Daub and James Daub are truly shocking as more details emerge. It has been said that the 26-year-old Morgan was found dead with her parents in West Manchester Township on January 25. Reports also state that it was Morgan Daub who was responsible for initiating the extreme step, which left neither her or her parents alive.


Along with their remains, several handwritten notes and letters were also discovered by the investigators, which reportedly helped them understand the reasoning behind the gruesome 'murder-suicide pact' that culminated in the terrible backyard tragedy. One letter by the 62-year-old James mentioned, “he wished to commit suicide but there were only two guns and he was too shaky to pull the trigger, so Deborah pulled the trigger for him,” Detective Timothy Fink told The York Dispatch.


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What is ‘Cooper's Dog Letter’?

“The note from Deborah stated that she was unable to pull the trigger, so her daughter pulled the trigger — but it should still be considered a suicide. We may never know with certainty exactly who fired each shot,” the detective added.


Besides these letters, officers also retrieved a document, called ‘Cooper's Dog Letter’ from the scene, which was full of care guidelines for their pet. Fink reportedly stated that before taking their lives, the Daubs “had also sedated their family dog with medication, so that it would not pose a threat to first responders.” Now, Local21 News has reported that the canine has been given to a different family, where it is being cared for and doing well

‘This is not normal’

Chief John Snyder, West Manchester Township Police, has described the January 25 event as "unusual." He said, “This is not normal. This is very unusual for any of us.” Snyder also added, “This is a tragedy. It's a terrible thing for the community. It's a terrible thing for their loved ones. It's just one of those terrible things that suicide brings.” Fink also remarked, “There were varying degrees of mental illness, I believe, that played into each person's decision to end their life. It's tragic what happened to this family.” 


‘Abdicating throne of England and UK’

Months before the incident, Morgan released a bizarre video of herself on her YouTube channel called, ‘LionessArising’. In the description page, a message was written that said, “I, Morgan Elizabeth Daub of York, PA United States of America, do hereby abdicate the throne of England and the United Kingdom along with all the rights, privileges, etc. appertaining thereunto. Morgan Elizabeth Daub Electronically Signed on 26 November 2022. This is a public record of my abdicating the throne and cannot and will not be retracted by me.”



“I was not in any way coerced into abdicating. I am of sound mind and body, and I have chosen this of my own free will. Also, I fully intend to sign official documents at the earliest convenience. For anyone who doesn't know me and randomly finds this video, it is quite the long story of how I would be next in line for the throne. All will be told in due time. The LORD bless you from Zion!” she added, talking to her viewers in the clip.

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 Daubs' murder-suicide: Where is family's dog now? 'Cooper's letter' had final pet care instructions