Why did DaniLeigh hit DaBaby? Singer charged with assault after viral Instagram video

Why did DaniLeigh hit DaBaby? Singer charged with assault after viral Instagram video
DaniLeigh (Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET) with an insert of DaBaby (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Things are not looking that great between DaniLeigh and DaBaby. On November 15, Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD reportedly charged the singer with two counts of simple assault, a day after DaBaby's viral Instagram Live video. In response, DaniLeigh and their child have skipped town for an unknown destination. It's raised an all-important question - did DaniLiegh really assault DaBaby?

The duo has been dating since December 2020, leading DaBaby to buy a $200k Lamborghini for DaniLeigh's birthday. In July 2021, she confirmed she was pregnant, and it didn't take the net long to figure out DaBaby was the dad. All seemed well at the time, with the duo's love story capturing a lot of attention and positive messages. But alas, it certainly seems as if things have collapsed since.


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It's unclear what prompted the fight between the two, but clearly, words were said. On Instagram Live, they can be heard exchanging cuss words, while DaniLeigh is feeding their three-month-old. Shortly after the video, police reportedly arrived at the scene and asked DaniLeigh to leave. DaBaby issued a statement saying he wasn't keen on pressing charges. But, just under 24 hours later, he appeared to have a change of heart.

DaBaby's statement on Instagram after the viral video of him and DaniLeigh. (DaBaby/Instagram)DaBaby's statement on Instagram after the viral video of him and DaniLeigh. (DaBaby/Instagram)


Did DaniLeigh assault DaBaby?

On November 14, the video DabBaby recorded appeared to be after whatever happened between the two. It's unclear what started the fight, and how badly it escalated. At the time, cops left without making an arrest despite DaBaby's claim DaniLeigh hit him. Around 9:30 AM on November 15, the cops returned after DaBaby made a second claim of assault. This time, the police say they found enough evidence to cite her for two misdemeanor assaults.

It's unclear what evidence cops found, but clearly, it was something substantial. DaniLeigh is now facing two charges, one for November 14, and another for November 15. It's unclear if she was arrested, but it seems unlikely. Her latest Instagram story features the ceiling and air vents on a commercial jet, with the caption, "I left and me and my baby are safe... Thank y'all for your support." No clue where she's going, but we should have some idea the next time she posts.

It's unclear what's next for DaniLeigh, and if she will have to appear in court. She claims to be innocent though, putting out a statement saying, "so we been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born...doing us...and tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go...mind u..I have a newborn child." The two are known to have an on-off relationship, but never before have things escalated this badly. So is this the end for DaBaby and DaniLeigh? We'll have to wait and see. 

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