DaBaby fights with DaniLeigh on IG Live as she fed their baby, calls cops on her

DaBaby was recently canceled by the Internet for his homophobic rant at the Rolling Loud 2021 festival

                            DaBaby fights with DaniLeigh on IG Live as she fed their baby, calls cops on her
DaBaby and DaniLeigh welcomed a child together in August 2021 (Getty Images)

Disgraced rapper DaBaby is back on the news after his shocking fight with ex-girlfriend and baby mamma DaniLeigh on Instagram Live. He went on to abuse the singer, who returned the favor in cuss words, all the while DaniLeigh was feeding their 3-month-old baby. In the end, DaBaby went to the extent of calling the cops on DaniLeigh as the officials could be seen asking her to leave the house. 

The 29-year-old rapper was at the helm of controversy recently for his homophobic rant during a performance at the Rolling Loud 2021. He was called out and canceled by the whos who of the music industry and millions of fans, prompting him to issue an apology. It now appears that redemption is eluding the 'BOP' hitmaker as he drew immense flak online for his disturbing altercation with DaniLeigh. 


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The rapper has been in an on-off relationship with DaniLeigh for quite a while now and the two even welcomed their child in August this year. It is believed that the two were staying together at DaBaby's place when the fight occurred. DaBaby somehow got hold of DaniLeigh's phone and went on Instagram Live from her account, despite her disapproval. 

The live video from their bed shows the 26-year-old singer feeding the infant from a bottle as DaBaby continues to record and address the audience. Things soon escalate between the two as they continue to exchange insults in front of their child and thousands of fans. Amid other offensive and abusive words, DaBaby called Dani 'crazy girl' shortly before ending the live. In a video clip posted later, DaniLeigh is seen being asked by police officers to leave. 


Following the public spat, both the artists released their own statements. “Based on my reputation, with multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I don’t beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls," DaBaby mentioned in an elaborate statement, adding that he wanted to "swiftly remove himself from any of the hostile behavior put on display." He also added that he is not willing to press any charges and "just want her peacefully removed."

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh shared her side of the story in her own note released later. "Since Baby want put up a “statement” with his cap a-s, I’ll put mine up … so we have been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born. Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout 'I need to go' don't matter where I go...mind u...I have a newborn child. This man is mad because I had a plan B sent to his condo. Because all he wanna do is cum in me with no responsibility … he probably wants me out so he can fu-k on his baby mother and other hoes,” DaniLeigh said, pointing out that she was asked to leave unexpectedly all because of a Plan B. 

Both the celebs have been slammed by their fans for their fight on Instagram Live, that too in front of their infant child. DaBaby was especially lambasted for ill-treating DaniLeigh at a time when their baby is just 3 months old. 

"This should not have been on social media. DaniLeigh you decided to lay up with this man. Make a song to one up his dark skin baby mama called “Yellowbone is what he want”. I hear the N-words from you girl. DaBaby this is what you wanted! Yall both need help!" a fan tweeted in anger. "I don't care for Danileigh but DaBaby antagonizing her on IG Live while she's feeding her child is crazy. He's so mean spirited that it's disgusting," another fan wrote. 

"DaBaby and DaniLeigh are a great example of why you shouldn’t have kids with people you don’t know forreal," a third user tweeted. 




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