Who is DaBaby's girlfriend DaniLeigh? How did she buy him $200K car on birthday while her net worth is $400K?

'What does she do? I seen her buy a crib and two whips in the last week like it’s nothing,' asked one fan

                            Who is DaBaby's girlfriend DaniLeigh? How did she buy him $200K car on birthday while her net worth is $400K?
DaBaby and DaniLeigh (Instagram/DaBaby)

After DaBaby’s girlfriend DaniLeigh supposedly surprised him with a Lamborghini Huracan for his birthday, all that Twitter users wanted to know is how she could afford it. Singer-songwriter and choreographer DaniLeigh's full name is Danielle Leigh Curiel. The former backup dancer and choreographer once directed a music video 'Breakfast Can Wait' for Prince, her late mentor. She also helped choreograph DaBaby’s 'BOP' and as a singer has hits like 'Lil Bebe', 'Levi High' (featuring DaBaby), 'Easy' (featuring Chris Brown) and her latest summer musical release 'Dominican Mami'. But despite her successes, she is the less loaded one in the new relationship.

DaBaby, the artist formerly known as "Baby Jesus", was rumored to be dating DaniLeigh in the last few months. But the couple only recently confirmed that they were in fact together on December 4 via an Instagram snap that showed DaniLeigh with her arms wrapped around the 'Rockstar' rapper. While DaBaby is reportedly worth an estimated $3 million, DaniLeigh is pegged at a much lower $400,000.


This is why when a Twitter handle that posts hip hop gossip posted about DaniLeigh buying a car worth $200,000 for DaBaby, there was no end to the speculation about the gift. "She's worth 400k this car is 200k...dafuq?! Bought this (n-word) a gift with own bread??" asked one user, while another replied: "Nah she just added to her monthly expenses. That way when he cheats she can stop the payments and let the car get repoed". Another tweet snarked: "Danileigh’s net worth is a Milky Way and a pack of Trident gum and she done 'bought' a Lamborghini for a man she’s been exclusively dating for less than a month..."




Other users speculated about where she was getting the cash to splurge on one expensive spend after another. "What does DaniLeigh do?? I seen her buy a crib and two whips in the last week like it’s nothing," said one tweet, referring to the tweet that DaniLeigh herself had posted on December 14. In it, she had told her fans she had bought a "house" for her family with an accompanying video that showed that it was actually a grand mansion. "Guysssssss I really bought my family a crib in DR [Dominican Republic] mannn thank u GOD for choosing me ... I work so hard and this is what I do it for.. I wrote in my notes that I wanna buy a crib 2020 && I JUST made itttt," she had tweeted. 



But one sharp-eyed fan solved the mystery of the gift. "Why is everyone coming at danileigh?? When she didn’t even buy the car?" posting an Instgram video from Arnold Taylor, DaBaby's manager, who had actually gifted him the Lamborghini. 


DaBaby, who has a weakness for Lamborghinis, had himself posted about receiving the surprise present on his Instagram page. "Man I’ll cry on dis bitch bout how much genuine love a nigga felt last night. Love & appreciate every last one of y’all FaShitSho!" he said in the caption of the picture, where he clasping Taylor's hand in thanks. Danileigh's reflection can be seen on the windshield of the car as she takes a video of DaBaby's excited reaction.   


Arnold Taylor had also posted a video of the special moment and in a long post wrote: "We just different over here, bought my superstar @dababy a toy for his bday not to show off cause that’s not my style but to show him that I appreciate him trusting his career in my hands and allowing me to show him the way and help me build my @southcoastmusicgroup brand. We put on for our city and we broke all of the barriers that EVERYONE said we couldn’t from a city that’s never done it before. So here’s a little token of my love and appreciation for my artist & the hottest megastar in the world!!! Thank you @kingcarter @cmartin1919 for helping me build this empire!!!" Mystery solved!