Cravity drops comeback album 'The Awakening', lead track ‘Gas Pedal’ records highest chart debut

Cravity experiments with futuristic trap sounds in the title track 'Gas Pedal' with a cyberpunk music video

                            Cravity drops comeback album 'The Awakening', lead track ‘Gas Pedal’ records highest chart debut
Cravity for their first studio album (StarShip/Naver)

The monster rookie group is ready to drop their first studio album! Cravity debuted in 2020 and since then their fame has only increased, despite the pandemic. Netizens dubbed them ‘Super Rookies’ as they became the first rookie act of 2020 to debut on Billboard K-pop Hot 100. They also won several 'Rookie of the Year' awards at reputable award shows like Melon Music Awards, MAMA and Soribada Awards.

They also proved their mettle by winning on a music show five months after debuting with their lead single ‘Flame’. Their last comeback was at the beginning of the year with their third EP ‘Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice’ with the title track ‘My Turn’. Their first two EPs topped Gaon chart while ‘Season 3’ came in #3. Not to be left behind, their first studio album is also making waves within just an hour of its release.


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Cravity in 'Gas Pedal' music video (starshipTV/YouTube)

Cravity releases first studio album

After an hour of releasing Cravity's ‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’, several of the tracks entered music charts. The lead single ‘Gas Pedal’ debuted at #26 on Bugs which is their highest chart debut to date. Six other B-side tracks also made it in the top 100 of Bugs. All eight of the tracks also entered MelOn's Latest 24Hits Chart with ‘Gas Pedal’ leading at #36 while the album has entered iTunes in 8 regions. 

It was also revealed that within 40 minutes of the release, the album had sold more than 12k copies and has now reached 40k in sales. The group was also trending at #1 on MelOn and on several Twitter trends. In two hours of ‘Gas Pedal’s’ release, its music video accumulated 116k views and 29k likes on YouTube.

‘Gas Pedal’ music video

The energetic music video for 'Gas Pedal' is quintessential Cravity with a fierce choreography that matches the equally intense song full of futuristic trap sounds. Like the concept films, the boys seem to be AIs or cyborgs as they glitch and dance in neon cyberpunk locations. Experimenting with hip-hop beats, the 9 members show off their swagger and hypnotic vocals in the prechorus. It is also full of contrasting instruments and melodies as we get a mix of sharp noise genre juxtaposed with mesmerizing sounds that allow the boys to show their range as they switch from rap verses to melodic hooks.

Cravity for 'Awake' concept (@cravity_official//Instagram)

Release date

‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’ was released on August 19 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The album was released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



August 20 - ‘Music Bank’ at 5 pm KST (4 am ET)
‘Rolling in K-Pop’ at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) 
August 21 - ‘Music Core’
August 22 - ‘Inkigayo’ at 3:50 pm KST (2:50 am ET)
Serim, Minhee and Hyeongjun at MBC ‘Jun Hyosung's Dream Radio’ at 8 pm KST (7 am ET)
August 25 - ‘Show Champion’



1. ‘Intro: New Horizon’
2. ‘Gas Pedal’ - Title track
3. ‘Veni Vidi Vici’
4. ‘Chinga-Linga’
5. ‘Celebrate’
6. ‘Grand Prix’
7. ‘Divin’
8. ‘Go Go’

A majority of the tracks were made by music producer PCDC. Serim and Allen wrote their verses for the title track, ‘Gas Pedal’. They also co-wrote the track ‘Grand Prix’. Many fans pointed out that the tracks were all related to sports car racing which also tied in with their previous NASCAR concept in the 'Season 3' EP.

Cravity for 'Take' concept (@cravity_official//Instagram)


Cravity released 3 concept films and photos along with the music video teasers that gave us a glimpse into the album. The first two concepts were called ‘Awake’ and ‘Take’ versions as the boys are seen in sleek futuristic outfits in a sci-fi set-up. The third version, ‘Youth’ version is quite different as we see their youthful charms as they sport streetwear and look rugged.

Cravity for 'Youth' concept (CRAVITY/YouTube)

Watch the music video below.



Fans were excited as they called the lead single SOTY and tweeted, “Imagine hitting half million sales on your comeback day yea CRAVITY did that and I’m super proud of them!!!” Some made memes about gas stations. One brought back the concept film, “Cultural reset yup yup.”





A Serim stan tweeted, “IM SHAKING HE’S SO COOL.” Another added, “KANG MINHEE i'm smiling like a proud mom.” A fan couldn’t get over Wonjin’s part, “Wonjin center!!!! his low vocal listen!!!” Allen shook everyone with his rap, “The power he has its insane.” Fans hoped Jungmo would play the guitar during one of the live performances, “ALL I CAN IMAGINE IS BAND UNIT PLAYING THIS PART OF THE SONG JUNGMO ON THE ELECTRIC GUITAR AGAIN AHHHH.” Another said, “Congrats to cravity for being the only group with woobin this man has it all .... leading the 4th gen main vocalists with ease.” One fan posted, “Hyeongjun, the center in every damn question.” A Taeyoung fan hyped up his red eyes in the music video, “Eye for an eye.” Seongmin caught everyone’s eye with the VFX and his acting, “Seongmin part right here oh my god.”