'Cravity Season1': Cravity's debut album is a high-energy declaration that says they're here to stay

'Cravity Season1': Cravity's debut album is a high-energy declaration that says they're here to stay
Cravity (Starship Entertainment)

K-Pop group Cravity have released their energetic debut album, 'Cravity Season1. [Hideout: Remember Who We Are]'.

The group is the latest group to debut under Starship Entertainment, which marks the company's first boyband in five years. Starship also houses other top acts like Monsta X and WJSN (or 'Cosmic Girls'). The nine-member group released their debut album on April 14. For the group, the album symbolizes them stepping out into the world while also creating a safe haven for themselves along the way, one that allows them to lean on each other as they brace for what is sure to follow if the fan response is anything to go by. Cravity have already trended under six different celebratory hashtags, including one that asks you to #StanCravity.

Speaking about the album as a whole, the group's leader and one of its rappers and dancers Serim (real name Park Se Rim) states, "the album encompasses tremor of excitement, and our desire to give delight and comfort to our fans."

The sentiment is quite well reflected in the group's name itself. A portmanteau of 'creativity' and 'gravity' as well as short for 'Center of Gravity', the name 'Cravity' is meant to represent a universe of its own, one that is filled with charm and talent that the group hopes listeners would find themselves drawn into. And while in this exciting new world, Cravity hopes their fans can find some hope to hold on to. For many who are braving a rather grim world at present, an alternate universe filled with hope sounds like a pretty good deal.


The album's title track, 'Break All The Rules', is a solid debut for the new group. It tells the story of a group that is ready to go on this journey together, highlighting the strength of their ambitions as well as their singular focus as they charge ahead regardless of what obstacles might block their path. It's an extremely energetic track with an equally energetic music video.

A standout on the 'Hideout' album is the song 'Jumper' which was produced by rapper Joohoney of Monsta X. Speaking about the track Joohoney states, "I personally tried hard to highlight the strengths of the members while producing songs. It's even more meaningful for me to be in charge of producing the members’ debut album." The song is certainly a powerful representation of what these rookies have to offer. But the album doesn't rest on the energy of a debut alone.

The next track, 'Blackout', slows it down a bit and brings in more flavor to this record with R&B and trap elements layered into the high energy the album has built up so far, before transitioning into the melodic 'Stay'. 'Cloud 9' follows with a slightly tropical edge that picks things slightly back up again.

Closing track 'Star' is a culmination of the various elements the group has dabbled in with this release. The song itself details the group's desire to be the star that lights up a dark sky for both their fans and themselves. once again echoing their desire for people to find hope through their work.

It's a short release but it does a good job of giving us glimpses into the group's skills, including their strong vocals and dancing as well as a promising rap line.

Cravity (Starship Entertainment)

For the group's members, however, the fact that they have made their big debut still hasn't sunken in yet. One of Cravity's lead vocalists Jungmo (real name Koo Jung Mo) reflected on the experience, stating, "It still feels dreamy to me," adding, "but I truly want to show you how we will continue to improve ourselves nonstop. All of our members and I have a lot of dreams that we want to achieve, and we will make sure to do our best to accomplish those." Fellow lead vocalist Wonjin (real name Ham Won Jin), who is also one of the group's dancers, added, "It is an honor to have the title “CRAVITY” in front of my name."

Cravity has had a long road to their debut, with some members like Wonjin having trained for nearly three years and several members having participated in the reality talent competition 'Produce 101', which was meant to culminate in the formation of a group based on fan votes. For some of the Cravity members, things took a dark turn when allegations erupted that the members for Produce 101's group 'X1' had been determined before the voting even occurred. The controversy nearly derailed their careers before they had even begun.

But the members found support in their company and fans, as well as in each other and have been given a second chance at showing the world what they can do.

Vocalist and 'maknae' or youngest group member Seongmin (real name Ahn Seong Min) wraps things up nicely by stating, "Thank you to the members who led me and supported me, so I can stand here today. As CRAVITY, we can’t wait to show you our music and performances that we’ve prepared for a long time."

Stream 'Cravity Season1. [Hideout: Remember Who We Are]' on Spotify and Apple Music.

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